Terms and Conditions


Credit Terms 

The customer applies for a credit account to be operated by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd in the Customer’s name, as set out in the application of ‘Agreed Terms of Trade’ and agrees to the following terms and conditions (“Agreed Terms of Trade”):

1. Purpose for which credit is available 

Subject to paragraph 2, credit (if approved) will be made available to the Customer for the purpose of the purchase of Goods by the Customer from AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd subject to the Sales Conditions.

B to C customers – credit terms are as per AFTERPAY  terms (subject to successful application )

B to B customers -credit terms are  as per PROCURET  terms (subject to successful application )

Account charge Credit is restricted to full Retail business with a bricks and mortar physical shop front and  business address( subject to successful credit application )

2. Terms and Conditions governing a supply of Goods 

2.1 The Customer may order Goods from AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd through the website platform only.  AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd owns the domain name “punchequipment.com” and all online purchases are linked to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd.

2.2 An order for Goods constitutes an offer to purchase the Goods by the Customer subject to the Sales Conditions. Each order must nominate a full-time business address as a delivery point for the Goods.

2.3 AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may at its discretion decline or delay or refund any order at any time and will not be held liable for consequential damages.

2.4 AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may from time to time, at its discretion vary the Sales Conditions. (Updates will appear on www.punchequipment.com)

2.5 The price of Goods compromised in an order is to be calculated by reference to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd current price list and such other terms as may be agreed by the Customer and AAA Wholesalers from time to time.

2.6 Acceptance of an order by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd takes effect on delivery (and not before) by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd of the subject Goods to the delivery point, nominated in the order. Upon delivery, the Sales Conditions take effect.

2.7 AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd does not undertake to deliver the Goods contained in an order, on any particular date or at any particular time, notwithstanding a request by the Customer accordingly.

3. Credit Terms 

Credit Terms are as approved by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd at its absolute discretion and notified to the Customer pursuant to the Customer’s application. AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may vary the Credit Terms (including the withdrawal of credit) at any time and will notify the Customer accordingly.

4. Credit Reports 

Each of the Customer and each person signing as guarantor of the Customer’s obligations under this credit application (each a “Guarantor”) acknowledges and agrees that AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd and any related bodies corporate:

(a) may give certain information about them to a credit reporting agency or other credit providers to the Customer in order to obtain a credit report about them. (The information which may be given is covered by s18E(1) of the Privacy Act 1988 (Act) and may include, as relevant, identity particulars and the fact that the Customer has applied for credit or the Guarantor has offered to act as a guarantor); and

(b) may, in assessing whether to grant the Customer’s credit application or whether to accept the Guarantor as a guarantor, seek and obtain information about them from a credit reporting agency or another credit provider and may give information about them to another credit provider. (The information may include anything about creditworthiness, history, standing or capacity (including information about commercial credit) which credit providers are permitted by the Act to obtain or receive); and

(c) without limited clauses 4(a) and (b) may, if AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd considers it relevant to assessing whether to grant the Customer’s credit application or whether to accept the Guarantor as a guarantor, seek and obtain personal credit information, or a credit report containing personal credit information about them from a credit reporting agency or another credit provider and may give personal credit information about them to another credit provider.

5. Retention of Title 

5.1 The risk in the Goods passes to the Customer on delivery to the Customer or into custody on the Customer’s behalf provided that if the Customer fails to accept delivery or requests a delay in delivery, risks to the Goods will be borne by the Customer from the time of such failure or request (as the case may be) and the Customer indemnifies AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd from any claim, loss or expense whatsoever arising from the Customer’s failure or request.

5.2 Property in and title to the Goods supplied by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd to the Customer remains with AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd until the Customer has paid AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd both the purchase price for the Goods and any other money that the Customer may owe to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd (or its related entities) at any time on any account.

5.3 The Customer may sell or otherwise dispose of the Goods supplied by AAA Wholesalers in the ordinary course of the Customer’s business.

5.4 Where the Customer disposes of the Goods before payment to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd, the sale proceeds of such disposal are the property of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd and the Customer holds the proceeds on trust for AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd. Further, the Customer, in disposing of the Goods before payment to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd, does so as AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd fiduciary agent.

5.5 AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may enter the Customer’s premises or elsewhere within business hours and seize any Goods which have not been paid for by the due date without AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd having to give notice to the Customer and the Customer waives the right to receive any statutory or PPSA notice.

6. Charging clause: 

6.1 The Customer:

(a) Grants to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd a security interest in all of the Customer’s present and after acquired property and all of the Customer’s present and future rights in relation to any personal property (“Personal Property”); and

(b) Charges all of the Customer’s present and future interests in, and all of the Customer’s present and future rights in relation to , any land and any other property, other than any Personal Property to which the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 applies (PPSA), in favour of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd as security for:

(i) The payment or delivery of all amounts of any nature which the Customer (whether alone, or jointly, or jointly and severally with any other person) is, or may at any time become, liable (whether actually or contingently) to pay or deliver to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd.

(c) The security interest granted in Personal Property has the same priority in relation to all Secured Money, including future advances.

7. Acceleration 

If any amount due and payable by the Customer:

(a) Under the Sales Conditions or Credit Terms; or

(b) To any related body corporate of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd.

Is not paid on time, all amounts actually or contingently owing under the Sales Conditions and Credit Terms, whether or not due and payable, become immediately due and payable.

8. Breach 

If the Customer:

(a) Breaches the Credit Terms or Sales Conditions; or

(b) Makes any false representation (whether by act or omission) in respect of the Customer’s application for credit, including any false representation (whether by act or omission) in relation to the Customer’s financial position; then, without limiting any other rights of  AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd:

(i) Terminate the Credit Terms; and/or

(ii) Refuse to supply any Goods to the Customer.

9. Other documentation 

The Customer expressly agrees and acknowledges that it is a condition of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd approving the Customer’s application for credit that any supply of Goods by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd is subject only to the Sales Conditions. In no circumstances may the Customer introduce or attempt to introduce contractual terms governing such supply which are inconsistent with the Sales Conditions.

10. Agreement 

The Customer has read and agrees to the Credit Terms and warrants that all information provided by the Customer to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd is true, complete and correct. The Customer requests AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd to accept this credit application and upon acceptance by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd, the Customer agrees to be bound by these Credit Terms and Sales Conditions. AAA Wholesalers ABN: 89 100 459 130


AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd will supply Goods to the Customer on the following Sales Conditions unless otherwise notified or agreed by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd in writing.


1.1 Definitions 

In these Sales Conditions:

“Containers” means any containers, pallets or crates used for the delivery of Goods, but excludes any cardboard packaging.

“Customer” means the purchaser of the Goods set out in the invoice or credit application.

“Goods” means the Goods delivered by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd to the Customer

“GST” means a tax, levy, duty, charge, or deduction together with any related additional tax, interest, penalty, fine or other charge imposed by or under the GST Act.

“GST Act” is a reference to A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 as amended.

“Invoice” means the document which may be provided to the Customer on or after delivery of the Goods describing those Goods, their price and which may contain these Sales Conditions.

“Laws” means the common law and the laws of the Australian Commonwealth, State or Territory legislation.

“Purchase Price” means the price to be paid for the Goods as shown on the Invoice calculated by reference to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd current price list for the Customer and such other terms as may be agreed by the Customer and AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd from time to time subject to conditions 2.2. The Purchase Price is inclusive of GST.

“Taxable Supply” has the meaning given in the GST Act.


2.1 Price Inclusive 

Unless otherwise agreed or required by law, the Purchase Price includes: any sales tax or GST, on the sale of the Goods.
Any duty or other import tax (other than income tax) is shown separately.
Cost of delivery is shown separately.

2.2 Variation of Price 

AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may vary the price of the Goods at any time in its discretion but will use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Customer with prior written notice of any price increase.

Prices are listed” Nett: of any further discount, settlement or credits.


3.1 Method and Loss or Damage 

Unless otherwise agreed, AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may select the method of delivery and the carrier and is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising from late delivery.

Goods delivered correctly but damaged or lost/stolen/vandalised after that delivery to the correct address are not claimable for compensation or replacement. It's the purchaser's sole responsibility to secure and make safe the goods once delivered.

Insufficient delivery details or unattended business addresses may incur a redelivery fee at the buyer's pre-paid cost.

3.2 Timing 

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that time is not of the essence in relation to delivery and that they must accept and pay for Goods even if the Goods are delivered after the requested date.

3.3 Instalments 

AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may deliver the Goods in instalments and the Customer must pay an amount for that instalment as notified by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd in the invoice. If AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd fails to deliver any instalment the Customer must still accept and pay for the balance of the Goods delivered. If the Customer fails to pay for any instalment AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may at its absolute discretion; refuse to deliver any further instalments until all amounts payable, whether due or not, are paid; or terminate the agreement for the supply of the Goods and recover damages.

3.4drop ship  Containers 

(a) Containers owned by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd all times remain the property of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd. AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd retains the right of possession of any containers not owned by it. Property to the Containers does not pass to the Customer in any circumstances.

(b) All Containers are delivered to the Customer at its risk and the Customer must ensure that the Containers are: kept clean; not damaged; and are returned (at the request of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd ) to AAA Wholesalers, or such other person as AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may request, in good condition.

(c) AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd will keep a record of the number and type of Containers delivered to the Customer (which the Customer agrees will be conclusive evidence of the number and type) and may charge the Customer for the replacement cost or such lesser amount determined by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd for each Container not returned or damaged by the Customer.

(d) The Customer indemnifies AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd against and must pay AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd on demand the amount of all losses, liabilities and expenses arising out of or in connection with the possession or use of all Containers (delivered by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd by the Customer. For the purpose of this indemnity, the Customer is deemed to be in possession of a Container from the time of delivery by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd until AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd or the owner of the Container physically resumes possession.

3.5 SMS / Email Notifications

The Customer gives their consent to supply our Couriers with their details for the sole purpose of receiving SMS/Email Notifications directly from the Couriers regarding their parcel(s).

3.6 Freight Terms Australia-wide

Trade Customers: terms

FIS (free into store) major cities metro Australia only – orders over $99 + GST (excluding bulky goods over 20KG)

Freight Companies will NOT deliver  an item over 29.5kgs if not on a pallet

Freight Companies will charge the customer a pallet and tailgate unload fee for goods on a pallet

Freight Companies will not deliver pallets to residential B2C retail customers

Freight Companies will deliver pallets to B2B that do not over hang the pallet

Freight Companies require a business address attended full-time for deliveries.

Unattended addresses may result in futile deliveries that will incur a pre-paid re-delivery fee prior to next attempt.

Freight Companies CANNOT be scheduled to deliver within a certain time period or day other than normal business week trading hours

“Free delivery” -go to www.punchequipment.com home page for latest offers.

Please note, all charges quoted to you have included Australian goods and services tax (GST). You may be required to pay further shipping charges if you have requested a change in delivery date or a change of address has been requested by you.

Please note, we do not ship bulky items internationally.


4.1 Credit Terms 

If the Customer has the continuing credit approval of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd,  the Customer must pay the Purchase Price in conformity with the Customer’s credit terms into a bank account nominated by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd, unless otherwise agreed by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd.

4.2 Disputes 

If there is any dispute in relation to the Purchase Price, the Customer must notify AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd the reasons for the dispute within 48 hours of the date of the Invoice and must pay the undisputed amount of the Purchase Price.

4.3 Non-Payment Consequences 

(a) If payment is not made when due, AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may: withdraw any credit; not supply further Goods; and

  1. charge interest on all amounts owing by the Customer to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd on a daily basis at current unsecured commercial lending rate plus 1% OR

  2. Overdue account keeping fee of $15 per week plus GST or  5% of invoice value(whichever is the greater ),  until payment is made. Interest or admin charge is payable once the account exceeds settlement terms by 5 business days.

  3. Further supply is frozen when an account is overdue by more than 5 days.

(b) Should the Customer default in the payment of any monies due to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd, then the total of all monies due to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd and by the Customer will immediately become due and payable. The Customer will pay or reimburse any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred or paid by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd in recovering outstanding monies including bank charges, administration costs, debt collection agency fees and commissions and solicitors costs.


5.1 Customer Liable for all GST 

In addition to any GST included in the Purchase Price of the Goods, the Customer must pay to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd on demand any GST payable in relation to any other Taxable Supplies which is subject to these conditions.

5.2 Apportionment of Payment 

If any part of the Purchase Price is referable to both a Taxable Supply and anything that is not a Taxable Supply, the GST exclusive portion of the Purchase Price will be determined by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd and/or Urban Holdings Pty Ltd.


The Customer must, without requiring prior statutory or PPSA notice, permit representatives of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd to enter any premises during business hours under the control of the Customer where the Goods are held, for the purpose of inspecting the premises and the Goods to check that the Customer is complying with these Sales Conditions.

7. Possession 

7.1 Retaking Possession 

If: (a) the Customer fails to pay any of the Amount Due; or

(b) the Customer becomes or, in the reasonable opinion of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd, is in danger of becoming, insolvent or bankrupt, AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may retake possession of the Goods.

8. Warranties, limitation & Exclusions and Indemnity 

8.1 Exclusion of Warranties 

Subject to condition 8.2 and to the extent permitted by law, AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd excludes all warranties, conditions, liabilities or representations in relation to the Goods or the correctness of information, advice or other services concerning the Goods or otherwise. Sale items are limited to the goods matching the description of the sale goods advertised and in as-new condition upon receipt – no claims recognised after 7 days. Goods a deemed “on sale “ when they are sold below the website listed price.

8.2 Limitation of Liability 

Where legislation implies in these Sales Conditions any condition or warranty which cannot be excluded or modified, the condition or warranty is deemed to be included in these Sales Conditions. However, to the extent permitted by AAA Wholesalers ABN: 89 100 459 130

law, the liability of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd and its officers, employees or agents for a breach of any such condition or warranty is limited, at AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd’s option, to any one or more of the following:

(a) The replacement (from any source) of those Goods or the supply of equivalent Goods;

(b) The payment of the costs of replacing those Goods or of acquiring equivalent Goods, by credit to the Customer’s account, in cash or by cheque at AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd’s absolute discretion.

8.3 No Liability 

Subject to condition 8.2, AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd, its officers, employees or agents are not liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, including, without limitation, consequential or economic loss or loss of profits, even if due to the negligence of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd, its officers, employees or agents arising out of or in connection with the supply of Goods. This exclusion extends to any promotional activities, advertising, statement about the Goods or their performance or characteristics of or by the Customer.

8.4 Warranties by the Customer 

The Customer warrants that it:

(a) will not make any unauthorised use of or any claim to, an intellectual or industrial property which pertains to the Goods or is the property of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd;

(b) will handle and store Containers safely, with due care and in accordance with occupational or public health and safety requirements.

(c) Will secure the goods appropriately at all times and keep them fully insured for fire, theft and general loss.


9.1 Force Majeure Events 

AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may suspend delivery or reduce the amount to be delivered if AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd is unable to deliver the Goods by reason of circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including (without limitation) strikes, lockouts, accidents, war, fire, flood, explosion, shortage of power, breakdown of plant or machinery, shortage of raw materials from normal source of supply, act of God or any order or direction of any government, government authority or instrumentality.

9.2 Right of Termination 

If the effects of the force majeure event continue for more than one calendar month, AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd at its absolute discretion may terminate the agreement for supply of Goods to which these terms and conditions apply.

9.3 No Claim for losses on consequential damages 

The Customer will have no claim against AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd for any damages, loss or costs related to “consequential damages “.


AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to add to or remove from the range of products, including the Goods, supplied by AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd, and may do so at any time without notice to the Customer.


11.1 Severability 

Any provision in these Sales Conditions which is invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction is to be read down for the purposes of that jurisdiction, if possible, so as to be valid and enforceable. Otherwise the provision may be severed to the extent of the invalidity or unenforceability, without affecting the remaining provisions of these Sales Conditions or affecting the validity or enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction.

11.2 Sales Conditions Prevail 

As between AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd and the Customer, if there is any inconsistency (whether expressly referred to or to be implied from these Sales Conditions or otherwise) between the provisions of these Sales Conditions and those of any document of the Customer, the provisions of these Sales Conditions prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

11.3 Variation to Sales Conditions 

AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd may from time to time at its absolute discretion vary the Sales Conditions.

11.4 Governing Law 

AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd and the Customer accept the law of Queensland as the proper law of the agreement and agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Queensland and any court hearing appeals from those Courts. AAA Wholesalers ABN: 89 100 459 130 

11.5 Retrospective Pricing 

AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd will not accept or enter any claims for retrospective pricing or compensation for its price changes. Prices may change without notice – check your invoice for current pricing.

Punch Equipment® website pricing is “dynamic” and can be adjusted daily/hourly to reflect current cost fluctuations – new stock versions arriving – currency fluctuations etc.

Punch Equipment® does not offer price compensation for items going on sale.

Warranty on sale /clearance items is strictly limited to 7 days after receipt of goods.

Punch Equipment® reserves the right to change RRP and all other price levels at any time with no notice other than updating pricing on the website. Please check website for current pricing prior to ordering.

12 storage fees – goods orders but not collected 7 days after notification will incur a $9+GST/carton or item unit (bags etc.) storage fee.

13 Intellectual Property 

No Intellectual Property rights are implied upon receipt of signed terms and conditions. (Separate application and payment required)

14 Internet Policy 

AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd reserves the right to only supply Retailers that have a full-time retail address (not online presence only)

15 Refund Policy

Goods cannot be returned without the return document being completed online at www.punchequipment.com. Return Form

Punch Equipment® does not accept returns after 30 days from the purchase date.

Punch Equipment® offers a full refund or online credit code for retail orders for the total value of returned goods if approved.

A 20% of the invoice value,restocking fee may apply to store accounts.

Freight costs are non-refundable and any returned products are the sole responsibility and cost of the customer.

Goods are not eligible for return once used.

Sale/clearance items are non-returnable or refundable after 7 days from invoice – exchange is your only option if goods supplied do not match product advertised on website.

Should the item be sold out – a credit note will be offered for faulty goods within 7 days of invoice date.

Trade (wholesale ) goods returned for simple change of mind must be pre-approved and are subject to a 20% restocking fee of the invoice value.

Returns are limited to 30 days from invoice date. Goods must be in original packaging with all tags in place and no 3rd party price stickers or barcodes attached.

16 Consequential Damages 

AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd its Employees and Agents are expressly not and will not be held responsible for any indirect or consequential damages.

17 Errors and Omissions 

Short/oversupplied orders – you have a strict 7 working days from invoice to notify us of any short delivery – once approved -this shortfall/oversupply in delivery will be credited to your account.

The account holder agrees to account adjustment on all errors & omissions on invoicing or packing by way of a credit/debit adjustment being issued to rectify the error or omission or over supply of goods.

AAA Wholesalers p/l trading as (Punch Equipment®) manufactures to a strict quality control system developed over last 30 years.

Errors and omissions may occur from time to time in spite of our best processes and checks.

These errors and omissions may consist of (but not limited to) colour, thickness, and weight variations in batch materials – stitching variations, labels and size tags information or placement or omission.

Errors and omissions are not a product fault or manufacture defect subject to a warranty claim providing the error or omission does not affect the function and safe use of the product.

Invoicing, typo, pick and pack errors and omissions will be remedied to the extent of the error only and no further, by way of debit or credit.

Errors and Omissions cover ALL pricing that has come in as incorrect due to website malfunctions or errors. Punch Equipment® reserves the right to adjust these prices to their correct pricing.

18 -

19 Invoicing  to AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd

AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd will not be held liable for payment of invoices for goods and services issued without an ABN.

Invoices issued to AAA wholesalers outside a fair and reasonable timeframe (120 days after the goods or services have been provided) will be deemed out of terms and non-payable.

  1. Will be subject to a 20% of invoice amount account reconciliation and archive search bookkeeping fee.

2- Invoice will then be paid 30 days after the reconciliation is complete, less a reconciliation bookkeeping 20% fee of the invoice value as stated in point 19-1.

20 Special Order / Custom Order Terms of Trade / Co-Branded Orders

Orders are 100% prepaid prior to commencement.< $3000USD

Orders > than $3000 USD are 50% prepaid to commence and then balance due prior to shipping

Lead time is approx. 12 – 14 weeks from the payment of the invoice and confirmation of start date. 

Full artwork files and dimensions are to be supplied by the customer in .vector files. Each individual screenprint has a $150 artwork setup fee./size of screenprint

Screenprints are subject to slight variations due to overseas variances in software. (+ / – 10% variance) Screenprint positions may vary from artwork provided due to functional applications of the screenprint.

The packaging supplied is Punch Equipment® standard D-style plastic bag with no header card packaging.

The maximum artwork length is 32 inches.

Multicolour artwork and larger artwork than normal is subject to an additional invoiced quoted cost.

Errors in artwork or position are non-refundable – Remedy below.*

*If custom artwork is not as per PDF( supplied outside a 10% variance) – we will issue an agreed account credit amount to your next custom order. This is your only remedy under customer order terms. There are expressly no refunds on custom orders -

MOQ- one carton of gloves, pads, hand wraps, etc per colour per size  per skew model

Bulky non-carton products orders are to be multiples of 7 units. Eg boxing bags

Design changes – we expressly WILL NOT change our materials or product designs -only artwork swap-outs to co-brand are permissible.

Consequential damages – we are expressly not liable for consequential damages through late shipments/lost shipments or goods not as per the expected sample. We recommend allowing up to 24 weeks from deposit time for gym opening launch dates.

Failure to collect goods or pay balance outstanding after 14 days of emailed request.

Order cancelled, deposit forfeited in full.

All paid amounts forfeited – goods sold off at AAA Wholesalers sole discretion after 14 days from email notification when our terms and conditions are not met.

21 Drop Shipping Terms of Trade

21.1 – Orders must be completed through the website: www.punchequipment.com (so stock availability can be checked by the buyer on our bulk order form ).
21.2 – The customer drop shipping must nominate (type in) the secondary delivery address (to avoid data entry errors and missed deliveries). The customer drop
shipping must provide clear instructions on each order regarding invoice delivery and other details (to prevent the end user from receiving notifications
and invoicing)
21.3 – Out-of-stock items in the AAA Warehouse CANNOT be drop shipped via backorder.
21.4 – Shipping is 100% the responsibility of the billed customer using the tracking number provided to chase up lost/delayed, incorrectly delivered drop shipments
directly with the freight company.
21.5 – Punch Equipment® cannot collect or arrange collection of floor stock from retailers for on forwarding via drop shipping.
21.6 – Goods lost in transit – This is consequential damage/loss and is not the responsibility of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd.
21.7 – Warranties: this is the responsibility of the Drop Shipper.  Please lodge your warranties through the On-line Warranty Form after your buyer has returned
them to you.
21.8 – Returns: this is the responsibility of the Drop Shipper.

21.9 FREE FREIGHT – this service is offered for drop ship orders over $99. This free deliver service is subject to quarterly review. AAA Wholesalers reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time with no further notice past website home page freight terms or email notification.

22 BRONX INDENT (BRONX Fight Gear) Terms of Trade

22.1 – Bronx is a direct-to-market home brand designed to counter the destructive discount pricing of super retail groups and multi-national brands available online.
22.2 – Access to the BRONX brand is via pre-paid indent ordering only in USD. Min order is 100 units. Pricing is CFR ex Gold Coast Warehouse. On forwarding of
Indent order will be an additional freight quote.
22.3 – Estimated lead time from receipt of full payment into our USD account is approximately 12-14 weeks.
22.4 – Warranty is limited to goods matching samples – no claim recognised 7 days after delivery.

23 Uncollected Goods and Custom Orders

Goods not collected or paid in full within 21 days of emailed notification are subject to be sold off at AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd discretion – cartons attract a rental fee of $9 +GST /carton or bag per day after 21 days from emailed notification.

CUSTOM GOODS with custom artwork and foreign trademarks are accepted and manufactured on the following conditions.

23.1 – The entity/person placing the order warrants they have the legal rights to the artwork or trademarks provided and holds harmless the manufacturer and
importer to any future IP breech /usage or consequential damages resulting from the making, importation and disposal of the order.
23.2 – Goods not collected after notification or payment not made with 21 days from invoice being issued become the property of AAA Wholesalers Pty Ltd for disposal
including direct sale or auction as they see fit with no further notice or compensation to entity or person placing the order.
23.3 – Deposits and partial payments for Custom orders are non-refundable or transferable and if not paid when requested in full are forfeited. Title of the imported goods does not transfer to the buyer until payment is made in full within the invoice terms.
23.4 – Fonts, artwork, colours and dimensions are subject to a 10 % variance due to batch materials, international software variations and the handmade nature of the
goods. Goods outside the variance can only be replaced on future orders at managerial discretion. Replacement is your only remedy or compensation on
custom orders.
23.5 – All custom orders are quoted EX Gold Coast warehouse and subject to additional freight and handling costs if on forwarding is required.

24 Learn 50 Authentic Padwork Combinations eBook

(C) Copyright all rights reserved
First published 2008
Reprinted 2014, 2017
First published as an eBook 2020

24.1 Content distributed by Punch Equipment® and Punchfit® under permission from Author and copyright owner – Mr Bruce Townhill.
24.2 Downloading, reproducing or transmission by print or electronic media is expressly prohibited without expressed written permission from the copyright holder.
24.3 Accessing the copyrighted material through an online purchase on the Punchfit or Punch Equipment® website limits usage to the original purchaser for personal information and use only.

25. Club Punch

25.1 Club Punch points are not redeemable for cash or credit refunds.

25.2 Club Punch Points cannot be used to redeem sale items.


26. Marketing

26.1 By ordering or registering on punchequipment.com you grant us the right to add your contact details to our database and email/SMS transactional order, shipping and product review emails. From time to time we may contact you about offers and new products. You can easily be removed by either unsubscribing via the link at the footer of any email or contacting our customer service team and we will remove you from all further marketing communications. We do not share, sell or exchange any customer contact information with other companies excluding shipping carriers who use this information to deliver orders.

27. 3rd Party Reseller Websites

27.1 Reseller clients advertising “out of stock ” notifications on Punch Equipment® products that are in stock need to update their sites within 48hrs  from notification.

27.2 3rd party reseller sites advertising accurate suggested RRP – it is a condition of free freight drop shipping offers to reflect our current website pricing.

27.3 Punch Equipment® reserves the right to no longer supply to 3rd part websites displaying, inaccurate stock availability until the issues are rectified.


28.1 – Once the quote is raised by a customer the stock will be held for 3 working days in the system.

28.2 Our Sales team will follow up the quote and advise the stock can no longer be held unless the following:

  • 28.2.1 – Customer has PAID their invoice in FULL

  • 28.2.2 Customer has opted for Procuret and the Quote is Invoiced and Awaiting Approval

  • 28.2.3 Customer places a 20% non-refundable deposit to be settled in 30 days from invoice

If the above does not meet the needs of the customer ( govt tenders /grants/shopping around ) then the Customers Quote will be cancelled and requoted upon request

All quotes are Nett of any further discount, coupon or settlement.


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