Afterpay Your Gloves

How to pay with Afterpay

#1 - Select Afterpay on the checkout page

Once you've added boxing gloves to your cart (or any other products), select the Afterpay option on the checkout and select place order.

#2 - After checkout

After you've clicked place order, you can either sign in to your Afterpay account or create a new account. Enter your Afterpay email address if you're already a member.

#3 - Confirm Order

The last step is to enter your credit card details and accept the terms. Now click on the confirm button and you're done!

What happens now?

  • We will ship the order once Afterpay sends us an approval.
  • Afterpay will send out reminders when you're payments are due.
  • You check the order details in your Punch Equipment and Afterpay account.
  • Train now, Pay later!
  • Afterpay Terms