10 Question Interview with Kenani 'Madhouse' Mangakahia

10 Question Interview with Kenani 'Madhouse' Mangakahia

Kenani 'Madhouse' Mangakahia

February 2015
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MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fighter
Bantam Weight (65kg)
HEIGHT: 176cm
RECORD: W3 + L2 = 5

RANKING: #18 in Australia
#54 in the World

STANCE: Orthodox
AGE: 29

1.FAVOURITE MEAL: Crispy skin salmon on a bed of mash potato and
asparagus with tarragon sauce - made by my fave chef and beautiful fiancé Teleah.
3. FAVOURITE TV SHOW or MOVIE: Eagle vs Shark
5. DO YOU HAVE ANY HOBBIES : Snowboarding
6. NEXT FIGHT BOOKED: No fights booked at the moment, hoping for April 2015
7. WHERE DO YOU LIVE & WHY: Nerang, Gold Coast - born & raised.
8. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE NOT WORKING: Besides training, just chill at home with T and our Rotties; Jet and Malu
9. WHAT IS SOMETHING QUIRKY ABOUT YOU OR THAT YOU DO: I colour co-ordinate my wardrobe, then micro manage the coloured sections from shortest sleeve to the longest. Bit OCD about it LOL.
10. FAVOURITE PIECE OF PUNCH GEAR & WHY: My Black Diamond Focus Pads, they rock my world! They are so fun to train with, when you hit that sweet spot, right in the middle of the pad, it makes the loudest bang - which is so satisfying. Not to mention they are heaven to hold.