Product Review - 2 Foot Mesh Gear Bag

Product Review - 2 Foot Mesh Gear Bag

2 Foot Mesh Gear Bag Review

If you're looking for quality 2 Foot Mesh Gear Bag, watch a video review above of the 2ft Mesh Gear Bag.

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Video Transcript:

Here's a review of our 60 centimetre (2 foot) mesh gear bag. You'll notice on top that we've got one central zipper and this is a metal zipper on plastic teeth that comes across and zips straight back. Now inside this mesh bag I have very easily put in three pairs of focus pads and three pairs of large boxing gloves. So the mesh bag comfortably holds three sets of boxing gear focus pads and boxing gloves together.

The sides are just your normal polyester and the bag is mesh. The floor side is mesh as well. So the whole bag is screen printed on both sides of the bag so you look nice and trendy. The whole idea of the bag is it's a quick dry bag with the handles on top so you can just throw that over your shoulder.

Also what's important is the straps go all the way down into the bottom of the bag . There not sewn just onto the soil of the tab. So it'll take a reasonable amount of weight. It is a light weight bag and it's designed for quick drying of your focus pads and gloves while still in the bag. The other thing is if you do go down the beach to train people and they get sand over everything, this is a great transport bag to let the sand drop out on the way home. So for drying, letting the dirt and rubbish from parks/grass all fall out, this is a great bag. It's the 60 centimetre and there's also a 90 centimetre (3 foot) bag coming in from Punch® Equipment they're in stock now.