3 Best Punching Bag Training Tips for Timing

3 Best Punching Bag Training Tips for Timing

Punching Bag Timing Combos

In today's article, you'll learn the three best combos for training on a punching bag. You'll learn how to improve timing and hand-eye.

Training on a Punching bag is great for power and strength training.

Bag Work: One Punch Timing

Starting off with one punch timing will help you build momentum and timing with the bag swing.

  • Punch the bag when it comes to you.
  • Set your timer for a 2 minute round.
  • Use only minor foot adjustments
  • Don't chase the bag.

Bag Work: Two Punch Timing

Once we've completed the one punch timing drill, we move to a two punch combination.

  • Start in your boxing stance.
  • Only two punches when the bag comes to you.
  • This combo will develop a nice work rate.

Bag Work: Three Punch Timing

Now that you've nailed the one punch and two punch combinations, the next drill will incorporate three punches.

  • Start in your boxing stance.
  • Maintain a 3 punch combination for an entire round (3 minutes)

3 Tips to remember:

  • Stay in your Boxing stance.
  • Let the bag come to you.
  • Maintain combos for entire round.

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