3ft Boxing Bag Review

3ft Boxing Bag Review

3ft Punching / Boxing Bag Review

In this review, we'll look at the Urban Home Gym Boxing / Punching Bag 3ft by Punch Equipment®.

Design Features

Compared to other common punching bag lengths, a 3ft bag lighter weight & shorter length makes it great for a boxer's foot movement, hand placement & fast, combination drills.
As this bag will comfortably swing from a heavy punch, learning to react to this swing is a great tool to develop a boxer's defence & cardio.
A 3ft bag should also improve your evasion, hand accuracy, punch timing, upper body movement, putting together quick, precise combinations & much more.

A 3ft punching bag is a great option for all training environments, such as the home, backyard, garage or inside any professional training environment such as a boxing gym or fitness studio.
It's a fantastic training tool to work on as a martial artist & will keep you fit!

Who should buy this boxing bag?

Ideally, this punching bag may be purchased by anyone keen to box, regardless of whether you're a beginner or professional.
It's suitable for small & large training environments & can be used by kids through to adults, no matter your height or size.
If you're looking for your first bag, looking for a great price or keen to incorporate more movement & speed into your boxing workouts.
This bag is for you!

Who shouldn't buy this boxing bag?

The only students not recommended for this bag would be those looking to incorporate strictly power punching or kickboxing/Muay Thai strikes such as kicks.
Due to the weight & size of this bag, the satisfaction from landing a stunning, powerful round kick may not feel as satisfying as hitting this strike on a 6ft boxing bag.

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