4 Health benefits of Boxing

4 Health benefits of Boxing

The top 4 health benefits of Boxing

In this blog post, Punch Equipment will look at the top 4 health benefits of Boxing.

Boxing is one of the more demanding sports on your body. It requires extensive work from your heart, lungs, arms, muscles and much more. But the health benefits are definitely worth it. It can increase your life expectancy, reduce stress and weight, improve mental health and build muscles.

Aerobic Exercise

The first health benefit of Boxing is the Aerobic advantages for your heart and lungs. As Boxing is such a demanding sport on your body, the sweat production is generally more than usual. In turn, this builds and improves your cardiovascular system. So this will help you outlast your opponent in the ring. The rest between rounds is very short and the boxer that is more healthy or recovers quicker will generally win the fight in the end. It will also help you in other sports, such as Running. You’ll be able to run longer and faster.

You can read more about the benefits of Aerobic exercising here:

Build Muscle

With the number of movements required during Boxing, the chances of building lean muscle mass are very high. This is especially true when you’re wearing heavier gloves. 16oz or 18oz boxing gloves are recommended for building muscle as the extra weight will increase muscle mass. The benefit of building muscle is the positive impact on your overall health and life. It can increase your life expectancy as your muscles are strong and healthy. It can also prevent such diseases as diabetes. Not to mention the improvement of your self-esteem. So take up boxing today and enjoy the benefits!

Relief from Stress

Another healthy benefit of Boxing is relieving stress. In general, exercise is one of the best stress relievers and Boxing adds an extra element. Hitting a punching bag or boxing pad not only feels good but it also helps you get rid of any anger or build-up in your life.

The major benefit of exercise is that it releases the dopamine function in your brain. According to Be Brain Fit, “Low dopamine levels can lead to lack of motivation, fatigue, addictive behaviour, mood swings and memory loss.” (https://bebrainfit.com/increase-dopamine/). So Boxing exercises and workouts can definitely improve your overall stress levels.

Weight Loss

If you’re struggling with weight issues then Boxing should be in your training regime. According to Body and Soul, a simple 30 minute Boxing workout can burn around 234 calories. So combined with other activities, such as walking/running/other sports, Boxing is one of the best weight loss activities. The benefits of weight loss can’t be understated. It will give you more energy, improve mood, reduce the chance of disease and will leave you feeling healthy.

The other element of weight loss in Boxing is for boxing fights. Pro and Amatuer Boxing are focused on weight classes (lightweight, heavyweight etc) and Boxers must fight others around the same weight. The lightest weight class is ideal and Boxers will cut weight to make into a class before the weigh-in.

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