4ft Boxing Bag Review

4ft Boxing Bag Review

4ft Urban Punching / Boxing Bag Review - Updated 2020!

In this product review, we'll look at the Urban Home Gym Boxing / Punching Bag 4ft by Punch Equipment®.

Design Features

A 4ft Boxing/Punching Bag is a staple boxing bag & has many features,
It's what would be considered the goldilocks boxing bag,
Not too long, not too short, not too heavy nor light.

A perfect length for all-around boxing styles, power & speed drills.

This bag could also be utilised for lighter Kickboxing training also.

This punching bag weighs approx. 30 kg and has more resistance to swinging compared to its 3ft counterpart.

The Urban 4ft bag is built for all home & gym environments,
Especially where space is limited.

The Urban model of bags also comes with 4, heavy-duty straps & D-loops for hanging.

Be sure to complete your setup with a swivel & snap hooks allowing the bag to spin freely.

Who should buy this boxing bag?

As mentioned, this bag is ideal for Boxing & entry-level kickboxing, especially for beginners.
It's not as heavy as 5ft and 6ft bags so the less weight is great for people that aren't used to the heavy bag just yet.

Who shouldn't buy this boxing bag?

This bag is not really recommended for small kids and small Youth. It's very heavy and we would suggest using a 3ft or 2ft bag instead.