4oz Boxing Gloves Review

4oz Boxing Gloves Review

How to choose Kids Boxing Gloves

Learn how to buy the correct kids boxing gloves at Punch Equipment® in our review below.

Be careful of cheap gloves

There's a lot of cheap gloves on the market for kids that offer little protection. They'll usually be flocked filled and offer no support for young knuckles.

The protection of your kid's hand and knuckles is extremely important as they're much weaker at a young age. If they get injured at a young age, it can turn them off the sport or cause major injury concerns later in life. So we definitely recommend shopping around for a quality kids boxing glove.

What makes our glove different?

The kids boxing gloves available at Punch® are designed by experts with children themselves. We have designed a range that offers both protection and affordability at the same time.

The 4oz boxing glove has an injected mould which is also available in our more expensive gloves. The gloves are designed in synthetic Enduro 50 material. So we don't use PU material which is used by most of the competition. It also comes with a full wrap wrist. This is important for wrist protection and keeping the glove from slipping around. Cheaper kids glove won't have this.

The gloves are true to weight and it comes with an attached thumb. This further supports your kid's fingers. It's available online now and can be available in a wide range of colours (red, black, blue).