5 Reasons Why Every Boxer Should Own a Floor to Ceiling Ball!

5 Reasons Why Every Boxer Should Own a Floor to Ceiling Ball!


Why every boxer should own a floor to ceiling ball, 5 essential reasons!

In this blog, our expert team will run over 5 essential reasons why a floor to ceiling bag/ball should be your first boxing bag!
Whether you need a boxing bag that is easy to install, won't bring down a wall, forgiving on the body, great for all ages, etc. we'll explain why the floor to ceiling ball fits that criteria & more.

1. Easy to install... Anywhere!

A floor to ceiling ball or double end bag in our opinion is the easiest punching bag to install within the home gym, fitness studio, or professional boxing club, especially in comparison to your every day, hanging boxing bag.
As the ball itself almost weightless & straps being elastic & stretchy, there should be no worry about finding a large bag bracket with larger wall bolts to carry a heavy load.
Your only requirements are an anchor point for your floor loop & ceiling loop for the elastic bands to attach to.
The ceiling loop can be attached with something as simple as a ceiling hook in a timber beam, eyebolt or a strap wrapped around a pole.
The floor point only requires something to hold the weight down which could include a floor to ceiling ball anchor accessory, eyebolt, dumbbell, or another heavy item to strap onto.
Ideally, a height of 2.4 meters from the ceiling point to the floor is recommended to ensure the ball has the right amount of bounce.

Anchor Floor To Ceiling

2. Minimal force/feedback on the body

As this boxing tool is held in place with stretchy elastic straps, there is almost no force felt back on the boxer's joints when punching, other than possible hyperextension which can happen in any form of boxing training.
When you hit a traditional, rag-filled, hanging boxing bag, however, the weight & density can add significant force that is felt throughout the body when striking the bag.
As rag-filling compacts upon impact, the force created has nowhere to go but back onto the muscles, joints & more.
This overtime can cause discomfort, pain & possible injuries.
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That's where a floor to ceiling ball comes in!
The force generated from a punch travels into the ball filled with air and then into the straps like a shock absorber, allowing the ball to swing comfortably back & forth and allowing the boxer to strike again when ready.
This ensures that little to no feedback is felt on the boxer's joints, making this bag, the most forgiving in the gym to use.

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3. Develop a multitude of boxing skills

The list of skills that can be learned and improved from using this bag is extensive!
From improving utilizing your footwork, hand-eye coordination, hand timing, hand speed, upper body movement, head movement, blocking, parrying, guarding, the list goes on & on!
No matter if you're a beginner or professional, a floor to ceiling ball is a magnificent piece of boxing equipment to incorporate into your training regime.

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4. Inexpensive

For example, a traditional hanging boxing bag, a 5ft boxing/heavy bag can cost approx. $279.99.
You're looking at least half the cost for a floor to ceiling ball, now that's a big win for beginners or those looking for a boxing bag on a budget!

5. Interactive experience

When training alone, hitting a boxing bag can become cumbersome, repetitive & doesn't give you much of a reaction when struck.
A floor to ceiling ball however gives the user an interactive challenge, misplacing a punch can send the ball off on an awkward angle, punching the ball too hard can result in it flying back into you!
A floor to ceiling ball presents a fantastic sense of challenge beyond that of a typical hanging boxing bag, giving you a feeling similar to training with a sparring partner!

We hope the above reasons have inspired you to add this amazing item to your collection,
These punching bags are a sure way to give you a great workout & improve your boxing skills at the same time.
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