50 Boxing Combinations eBook: The Must Have Guide To Learning Boxing & Pad Holding

50 Boxing Combinations eBook: The Must Have Guide To Learning Boxing & Pad Holding

The Must-Have Guide To Learning Boxing Combinations!

The best selling 50 Combo Book has now transitioned online to allow you to take your pad work learning with you, wherever you go!
Whether on your phone, computer or tablet, you can now access this must-have, extensive information at your fingertips, anywhere in the world.
The learning found in this book is a sure way to improve your boxing skills & take your skills & sessions to the next level!

Mexican Gloves With Pads

Learn 12 months of boxing & pad holding combinations

The techniques demonstrated in the 50 combo eBook combine elements of speed, power, technique & other fantastic drills to give you a real variety of boxing training & instruction,
With ring-tested & ring-proven techniques throughout, this book provides exciting demonstrations of authentic pad work that is safe & effective for training & ring fighting.

Developed for all levels of students!

Regardless of your skill level, this 50 combo eBook includes in-depth definitions, instructions & step-by-step, professional photographs to help guide you from an awkward beginner to professional in no time!
Each combination also includes vital safety tips to ensure any risk of injury is kept to a minimum.

Created by Dual Thailand, Certified Khru, Master Trainer Bruce Townhill

This fantastic eBook was created by the CEO & Founder of Punch Equipment, Punchfit Global PTY LTD & former owner of the infamous, authentic Muay Thai/Boxing, Blackbelt Pro Gym in Sydney, Bruce Townhill
Bruce is a dual Thailand certified Khru & Master Trainer of World, Intercontinental, Commonwealth, South Pacific, Australian & State champions & has trained over 200 ring fighters & 22,000 students.

More than just a boxing combo eBook!

Not only will you learn a 12 months syllabus of invigorating boxing pad work, you will also receive from this eBook:

  1. Valuable knowledge on boxing equipment, their requirements, benefits & uses!
  2. Understanding the extensive benefits of utilising boxing based training in your workouts.
  3. An in-depth history of the development of fitness boxing in Australia.
  4. And more!