Aftershock MMA Event - September 17 2016

Aftershock MMA Event - September 17 2016

Sponsorship - Punch Equipment

On Saturday September 17, 2016 Punch Equipment sponsored the Aftershock MMA Event in Brisbane.

The event was a historic night as the inaugural championship was awarded for the first time at an Aftershock event.



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Winners Gallery

Browse through the winners of the night in the photo gallery below; Girdham takes home the inaugural Aftershock bantamweight championship belt and keeps his record at 4-0, undefeated.


Aftershock MMA is a national amateur mixed martial arts series in Australia. Matches are 3 by 3 minute rounds scored on the ten-point must system. Matches are scored using a ten-point must system and rounds go for 3 minutes per 3 rounds.

Aftershock is a fantastic entry point for amateurs looking to gain MMA fighting experience. The MMA fights are held inside an event-sized cage where competitors put their MMA skills to the test against an opponent. All fights provide safe guidance in accordance with the Mixed Martial Arts Australasia rules. The Aftershock event gives competitors and their coaches a real taste for the sport at a professionally organised level.

Afershock audiences range in 500+ area and scouts from pro-event attend each event. This makes Aftershock a great opportunity for young fighters and sponsors to get more business exposure in the MMA scene.

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