Anklets Review

Anklets Review


At Punch® Equipment we currently sell two different types of anklets which we’ll discuss below.


The cotton anklet is the cheaper of the two as the padding and material is lighter. So it’s more useful for general Muay Thai training and boxing. It’s a light garment over the ankle and shin. So it will provide mild protection of the shin in-step. The other benefit of the cotton anklet is sweat protection. It basically stops sweat pooling up on the ground and sweat flying off your feet into a trainers face!

It’s available in four different sizes:
The small size is ideally designed for youth, teenagers and people with small feet.
The medium size is designed for shorter than average people.
The large size is for averaged sized people.
The extra-large size is for extremely tall people.


The padded anklets are apart of the Black Diamond series and they basically offer more padding. The inside padding measures 10mm and it feels like a mini shin pad. So it will offer extra protection under a shin pad. It will also improve your kicking accuracy. So in the end, the Padded Anklet is great for sparring and general-purpose Muay Thai training.