Bag Mitt Beginners Guide - Updated 2020

Bag Mitt Beginners Guide - Updated 2020

Why choose a Bag Mitt for boxing?

In this guide, our experienced team will answer a few key questions as to why a bag mitt may be the perfect glove option for your boxing training.
If you're unsure of whether you need a bag mitt, bag glove, or boxing glove for your boxing sessions, the answers below should make that choice much clearer!

What is a bag mitt?

A bag mitt is essentially a lightweight glove that is used only on the boxing bag or focus pads/mitts.
A bag mitt traditionally comes with a standard amount of padding over the knuckles with basic wrist or thump support/protection.
This type of glove is not to be used for sparring due to the above reasons,
It's simply too dangerous.

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What are the different types of bag mitts?

Below are some of the features you may find in a bag mitt from the Punch Equipment range:
Elastic Strip Over Wrist: The stunning Mexican Fuerte Bag Mitts carry this feature for quick on/off usage, recommended for experienced boxers.
Hook and Loop Wrist: For a firmer fit and greater support of the wrist. the heavily tested, Bag Busters® & Urban Bag Mitts carry this feature.
Elastic/Hook and Loop Wrist: For optimum comfort and extra protection for the wrist, this feature is found with the Pro Bag Busters®.
Pre-curved Mitt: The fist is partially formed with the curved padding to reduce injuries to the fingers & help form a natural fist, all Punch Equipment bag mitts are equipped with this feature.

How are bag mitts sized?

Bag mitts are measured by their hand size ( S, M, L, XL, etc. ) rather than their weight ( 10oz, 12oz, etc. ) which is the most common measurement of a boxing gloves.

Why are bag mitts the right choice for you?

Below are some examples of why bag mitts are the glove option for your needs!

  1. Lightness

Bag mitts are typically very, very light due to their standard amount of padding & materials required.
Due to this, the fatigue you will experience on your arms & body will be alot less in comparison to a boxing glove allowing you to train comfortably for longer.
The flipside of the above equals a lower amount of protection throughout, if protection is your main priority, true-to-weight boxing gloves may be more suitable.

  1. Cost

For the same reasons as the above,
Bag mitts are commonly found to cost a lot less than a true-to-weight boxing glove.
If you’re looking for your first pair of gloves without blowing your budget,
These are a great first option.

  1. Feedback ( Force felt on the body )

A bag mitt will provide the most honest feedback out of all gloves, why?
As there is typically less padding between you and the target you are striking,
The feedback will be less forgiving on your fist, arm & body in comparison to a boxing glove.
While this can be a huge benefit to users looking to understand whether their punch landed flush,
Beginners may want to invest in a pair of boxing gloves with adding padding & support to lower the risk of potential injury.

  1. Variation

Punch Equipment provide 4 distinct models of bag mitts,
Each with various features that may be more tailored to your training needs.
Check them all out here!

We hope the above information has made it clearer on whether a bag mitt is the right choice for you!
Please speak to us via our online chat if you have any further questions!