The battle is won before it is fought.

The battle is won before it is fought.

A Fight Story

When you put on those boxing gloves and feel the tape wrap them on securely, you know that there is no turning back. Your family and friends are in the crowd, waiting in anticipation. Your trainer and corner people are ready for the rumble…..but are you?

You have warmed up on pads and some air work - but not too much.  A stretch calms your emotions. Then your trainer rubs vaseline around your eyes and over your nose so your skin doesn't split from the impact of the blows.
Emotions run high, adrenaline kicks in and you are walking out to loud music and people cheering your name. Woohoo….this feels so surreal.  You jump over the ropes and your feet hit the canvas with a thud and that thud runs through your body.  Your heart beats harder and faster and the adrenaline flows stronger.  You know how to harness and direct that energy and use it wisely.

Your opponent is wearing red boxing gloves. You think - does this make him go faster? You put that thought where it belongs and you step opposite him.  The referee is beside you….mumbling rules….you are totally focused on winning the stare down.

As you stare into your opponent's eyes… know this is where the battle is won - don't look away, don't let him see the fear.  You don't falter - you touch gloves, walk back to your corner.  The bell rings and all cylinders fire as you move towards your capable adversary.  Let the fight begin.