Belly Boxing Pad Combinations & How to use

Belly Boxing Pad Combinations & How to use

Belly Boxing Pad Combinations

If you're wondering how to use a Belly pad for boxing combinations or looking for new training techniques, check out the video above of the Pro team at Punch®.

What is a Belly Pad for?

Muay thai style chest pad - In the video, we're using a Muay Thai style belly pad. It can also be used for boxing and we also have a boxing specific pad available.
Good for kneeing, grappling - The belly pad protects you from incoming knees, kicks, elbows, punches and grappling.
Combinations - As you can see in the video above, the belly pad is ideal for practising a wide range of combinations.

Why choose a Belly Pad?

  1. Protection - Protection is the main reason why you would wear a belly pad.
  2. Develop timing - For developing timing and accuracy, the belly pad is a great piece of equipment.
  3. Stike at any time - The great part about the belly pad is the fact that it can be struck at any time during combinations or just general training. The pad holder doesn't need to call the shots and the puncher can strike at anytime.
  4. Safety - Without a chest pad on, the drills can become unsafe and you're basically sparring your teacher. So for safety reasons, a belly/chest protector is definitely recommended.