What are the benefits of jumping rope?

What are the benefits of jumping rope?

Jump Rope Benefits

There aren't many better exercises for burning calories than skipping, which is one of the many benefits of jumping rope.
So what are the benefits? Basically, they include the following:

  • For improving coordination
  • For limiting foot and ankle injuries
  • For burning calories and therefore, losing weight
  • Skipping can take place anywhere and at any time!
  • Improves your overall cardiovascular health
  • For increasing stamina and overall fitness
  • Improves your breathing

Looking for a skipping rope?

Check out the skipping ropes available at Punch Equipment® for all types of training.

Wire Skipping Rope

Here is a quick review of the Wire Skipping Rope. To start with, this rope comes with very lightweight handles. But what particularly is interesting about this rope is the ball bearing quality. This just spins beautifully and it really is light. With the foam handles on them, the cable is covered so it's not a raw cable. It also has a polyurethane plastic coating over the top.

So this rope is basically designed for speed work with its very light features. It’s very whippy and very nice to hold especially when you're sweating a lot so if you like to do a lot of agility work the cable skipping rope from punch equipment is very hard to go past.

Leather Skipping Rope

The Leather Skipping Rope comes with a high-grade leather strap and timber handles. But critically why it's called a professional rope is the handle design. It’s for heavy duty use and we’ll explain how it works.

The whole idea of this handle design is the biggest problem with the skipping-rope is people jump on the rope and bust the ball bearing screw. Then, the rope becomes useless.

So these professional ropes are extremely fast and very low friction. They’re also aa really quick rope and the leather really breaks in nicely.

But they’re designed to be tough as nails so that's why we call it our professional grade skipping rope! We highly recommend this if it's going to be applied in a very tough gym environment or you are a pro.

Precision Skipping Rope

These are our bulk packs of skipping ropes for trainers. Now, these ropes come with a cluster handle so you can take one or several out at a time.

The whole idea here is that this can be hung either on a gym tag somewhere or on a retail display and then you can just slide the ropes out. They're just nice to bundle together like that so you end up with a large pack. You have basically a dozen skipping ropes all with these plastic handles. They can be adjusted at the end with a sir clip and they’re thin, flexible and plastic.

That basically allows for a lot of speed work, which is great for juniors and fitness clubs. As this is our bulk pack, it is available in commercial quantities for gyms, fitness studios, clubs and also martial arts centres.

They come in a black for the nine foot and that's how they're colour-coded and then the red handles are eight foot if you've got juniors in your club or smaller ladies.

Heavy Weighted Skipping Rope

Here's a quick review of our Thai style heavy duty skipping rope

This rope weighs approximately 450 grams and that's inclusive of the handles. They've featured the timber handles with the emboss Punch logo in them and the rope is getting up around 810 millimetres of thickness and that's what gives you the weight when you're skipping.

It also comes with ball bearing swivels and they come in a convenient hanging card as well.

This rope is highly recommended for fitness and if you want to build muscle while you're skipping, this is the rope to choose.

Blue Skipping Rope

So as the name suggests, we have ball bearings fitting into this rope. It’s designed with quality timber handles. It’s a synthetic skipping rope which is basically designed for cost-effectiveness.

If you’re looking for a budget but quality rope, this is a great rope to start with. It’s a medium weight which means it will push your fitness.

Speed Skipping Rope

This is our entry-level skipping-rope and comes in a neat little blister pack. It comes with great little speed handles they can be popped out and adjusts if you wish. It's 9 feet long which is your standard adult skipping-rope size. This is a great little fitness rope because it's not heavy and it doesn't challenge you a lot. So it’s ideal if you’re training beginners that don’t really want to be pushed yet. Or it can great for light warmups before training.

So we recommend for general PT and class use in the fitness industry.