Best boxing gloves for beginners

Best boxing gloves for beginners

Learn how to choose the best boxing for beginners

In this guide, we'll explain the best boxing gloves for beginners and how to choose the best glove for each type of boxing. Whether you're training, sparring or punching a bag, we have boxing gloves for you.

For Training & Fitness

#1 - Urban Boxing Gloves

The Urban Boxing Gloves are our most popular gloves for beginners. They're ideal for training and fitness. They can be used for light punching bag training, hitting boxing pads and general training. The mid-price point is the main benefit as you're probably not looking for a $100+ glove just yet.

#2 - Pro Urban Boxing Gloves

This glove is upgraded from the Urban Boxing Gloves with improved features for boxing. The main difference is the material, the Pro is made from Cowhide Leather and the Urban Boxing Gloves are made from Commercial Enduro.

Differences between each glove:

Learn about the all differences between each Urban Boxing Gloves in this video:

For Punching Bags & Focus Pads

#1 - Trophy Getters® Commercial Boxing Gloves

If you're training on a punching bag or focus pads, the Trophy Getters are the best boxing gloves for beginners. They can also be used for training, sparring and more, these gloves are designed as a all-rounder glove. This glove is our best seller online and 1000s of boxers love wearing them out for years of training.

They're available in a huge range of weights, from 8oz to 18oz, so you can find the correct size for you. When choosing by a glove weight, you need to account for your height and weight. Taller people with bigger hands will need a glove above 12oz. While, if you have petite hands, the 8oz or 10oz will suit your hand size. The colour size is also massive as we sell them in black, blue, green, purple, pink/black, yellow and red.

For Sparring

#1 - Armadillo Safety Boxing Gloves

The Armadillo is our best glove for sparring and we'll explain why. These gloves provide important protection for your hands and wrist during sparring. They're also designed with white tips on the end, which makes it easy to score opponents in sparring. The sizes currently available are 12oz and 16oz. The 16oz is the best choice for sparring unless you have smaller hands or you're working on speed training. A 16oz simulates a boxing fight as the heavier weight will make a 10oz or 12oz glove feel lighter. It's important to note that not all gloves are made for sparring and you can damage them easily.

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