Best Boxing Gloves for Training

Best Boxing Gloves for Training

Find the perfect training boxing gloves

If you're looking for the best boxing gloves for training, this guide will help you select the right glove for you.

When choosing boxing gloves for training the key decisions you need to make are:

1. Price - Are you looking at cheap or expensive gloves.
2. Weight/Size - What weight/size gloves do you need?
3. Padding/Protection - Are you using gloves for sparring and heavy bag work as well?
4. Product Care - How to care for your gloves.

What are our recommended training gloves? find out now.

The difference between cheap and expensive gloves

Everyone has a budget in mind when looking for training gloves for boxing. Boxing gloves come in a wide range of prices from cheap to expensive gloves. While expensive gloves are better quality and will last longer, cheaper gloves can help beginners get started with boxing.

The thumb support between cheaper and expensive gloves is where most cheap gloves deteriorate as they get older. So when looking for a training glove, make sure the thumb is well supported to prevent thumb injury.

Punch Equipment prides itself on only providing quality commercial grade boxing gloves online to it's customers.

How to choose by weight and size

The weight and size of your boxing gloves will depend on the type of training you will be using them for. As a general guide, a larger size glove will provide a better cardio workout as well as improving muscle development, compared to a smaller glove.

Punch Boxing Gloves are available from as small as 4oz all the way through to 18oz. If you're using 18oz gloves for training, this will provide the best boxing training workout possible.

Your weight and height also depend on the boxing gloves you should buy. As a general rule, lighter boxers prefer small gloves while heavier boxers need larger size gloves.

12oz, 14oz and 16oz is the recommended glove weight for the ultimate protection and workout during training.

What padding protection do you need?

To prevent injuries while boxing training it's ideal to look for boxing gloves that provides the best wrist support, quality material, durability, safety and comfort.

Punch boxing gloves in the range over $100 include ideal padding protection for training, sparring and heavy bag training.

Wrist support is an important decision when you're looking for the correct boxing glove. A glove with an attached thumb will give you further thumb protection. In training, a full Hook and Loop wrist wrap is recommended for added wrist support. A basic Hook and Loop wrist will give you basic support but compared to the full wrist wrap, it's not as protective.

Why buy cotton inners or hand wraps?

Wearing cotton inners and hand wraps will help your gloves avoid sweat marks. Wearing gloves without any inners will cause damage to the material and give a bad smell after a while!

Always use cotton inners or wraps to prevent excessive sweat ruining the stitching/materials in boxing gloves.

Browse the range of wraps/inners/tape.

Caring for Boxing Gloves

Keeping your boxing gloves in great condition will help them last longer and you will get the best out of them after every session.

As a general guide the following steps is our recommended product care list for gloves:

  • NEVER use gloves when they're wet
  • Always dry your gear out of your training bag in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.
  • Please use minimal baby powder to remove any smell.
  • Ensure you have enough training gear to always use a dry set-especially in commercial use as over using a small insufficient amount of equipment is abuse and will void your warranty.
  • Don't use boxing gloves for push-ups unless "push up zone" is present on the glove.
  • If the product is marked "washable" Hand wash separately in cold water, do not tumble dry, avoid washing more than 4 times per year.

Trophy Getters Best for Training

The Trophy Getters® Commercial Boxing Gloves are designed for punching bag work, sparring and training, which makes them the best training gloves to buy.

With quality cowhide leather, padded palms, waterproof linings, a full wrap solid Hook and Loop wrist, the Trophy Getters are ideal for training.

Available from 8oz to 18oz and a lot of colour combinations, you'll find the best weight and colour for you.
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Thanks for reading our best boxing gloves for training guide, we hope you enjoy boxing fitness training with Punch boxing gloves!