How to choose a Floor to Ceiling Ball - Updated 2020

How to choose a Floor to Ceiling Ball - Updated 2020


Floor to Ceiling Ball guide!

In this guide, we'll help you choose the best floor to ceiling ball for boxing training.
Punch® Equipment currently stocks 3 variations of floor to ceiling balls along with a range of accessories to complete your floor to ceiling ball kit!

To find out which model suits your needs, continue below!

Why should you utilise a floor to ceiling ball?

A floor to ceiling ball is an incredibly useful boxing training aid for improving your overall boxing skills & is a fantastic general fitness development tool.
You can train a wide range of skills for boxing & other sports such as hand speed, hand-eye coordination, footwork, upper body evasion, parrying, guarding, slipping, ducking, and so much more.
They are also inexpensive, user friendly & incredibly easy to install in your home/gym

Size matters!

The main consideration you need to make when choosing the best floor to ceiling ball for your training is the size of the ball.
If you're just starting boxing training, your accuracy may be off point & in order to improve it, you'll need a ball that is large & easy to continuously strike and compensates for missed/inaccurate punches.

For advanced students or professional boxers/fighters, a floor to ceiling ball with a smaller ball is recommended.
With a smaller target, you'll be able to hone in on your punching accuracy, foot movement, upper body evasion, guarding, parrying & many more vital skills needed for sparring & competition.
A smaller ball provides additional difficulty & rewards to those willing to take the challenge!

Urban Floor To Ceiling Ball

The Urban Floor to Ceiling Ball is an ideal boxing tool for beginners as it's designed with a larger 10" ball for improved striking accuracy.
The round shaping allows beginners to practice every type of punch with minimal risk of accidentally missing/breaking the rhythm of their combinations.
A larger shaped ball also provides the user with a fantastic range of workout types, you can focus on fast combinations, power punching, upper body movement & more to get the heart & lungs pumping!
While this ball is intentionally designed for beginners, intermediate & professional boxers can find serious enjoyment in training with a floor to ceiling ball that's easy to hit & even easier to throw creative boxing combinations.
The Urban Floor to Ceiling Ball is an ideal boxing training aid for the home or boxing gym.

urban floor to ceiling boxing ball red

Best Features

  • Includes internal, replaceable bladder and high-grade adjustable straps!
  • Designed for beginners boxers & general fitness boxing workouts
  • Engineered with a 10' inch round cowhide leather ball for improved punching accuracy
  • No dangerous metal parts or dangerous rivets
  • Zipper opening with hook & loop cover for easy bladder replacement
  • Urban Grade product

AAA Floor To Ceiling Ball

The 12 inch, AAA Floor to Ceiling Ball kit is a high-quality training tool for amateur, professional boxers, and general fitness users alike.
This ball has a medium-sized, cylindrical-shaped target area making this ball great for practicing a wide range of punches & improving a wide range of boxing specific skills.
Floor To Ceiling Balls improve vital boxing skills such as upper body evasion, hand & co-ordination & more.
Best of all, this floor to ceiling ball can provide users with an excellent workout & minimal risk of injury.
The Punchtex Floor to Ceiling Ball is 100% suitable for your home, boxing club, and commercial gym environment.

Aaa Floor To Ceiling Ball Red Black 1 2020

Best Features

  • Designed for beginners & professionals boxers alike
  • Includes an internal bladder & high-grade adjustable straps
  • Internal bladders are replaceable
  • Hook & loop covered zipper enclosure for easy bladder replacement
  • NO dangerous metal parts or rivets
  • Superior Punchtex™ material casing for durability
  • AAA Grade product - 2 years extended manufacturer’s warranty

Fuerte Butterfly Ball

The Mexican Fuerte, Butterfly™ floor to ceiling ball kit is a premium, precision boxing tool for amateur, professional & general users alike.
The micro (70mm diameter) kit includes a premium cowhide, leather, HD foam target ball, gifting the user with solid feedback & essential rhythm for delivering powerful targeted combinations.
This exciting boxing tool is engineered with a 2.7 metre, SUPER stretchy, heavy-duty, elastic strap to suit more ceiling heights, ( Up to approx. 3.5 metres from the floor. )
3 adjustable squeeze tabs were added to create the perfect bag tension.
Bundled with a mini floor anchor, there is no floor drilling required or heavy labour required!
Best of all, a floor to ceiling ball can provide users with an excellent workout with minimal injury risk, all while improving essential boxing skills such as hand-eye co-ordination & much more!
The Fuerte Butterfly™ micro, floor to ceiling ball kit is intentionally designed for the home, boxing gym & any other suitable training environment.

Micro Fuerte Floor To Ceiling Ball 1

Best Features

  • Micro, squishy foam, leather ball ( 70mm diameter )
  • No inflation required!
  • Instantly adjustable ball height to suit kids & adults
  • Almost SILENT boxing tool, perfect for use in the home or apartment door jams
  • Engineered for power punching & combination accuracy
  • Built with a 2.7metre, heavy-duty elastic cord, allowing use in areas with shorter/taller ceilings
  • Bundled with a mini floor anchor, eliminating hard labour & floor installation
  • Includes 3, adjustable squeeze tabs for optimum bag tension.

We hope this guide has helped you decide which option is best suited to your training needs!
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