How to choose the best MMA Gloves: Updated 2020

How to choose the best MMA Gloves: Updated 2020

How to choose the best MMA Gloves

In this guide, our team will help you choose the best MMA gloves for training & sparring from Punch® Equipment.

Understanding hand size & features!

The two factors you need to consider when finding the right MMA glove is their hand fit & features.
Ensuring the hand size is nice & snug is key, any added space or movement inside the glove can add the additional risk of injury during training.

Once the size is measured & found, looking at each models features is pivotal, do you need added knuckle padding for sparring, do you require less knuckle padding to allow for easier clinching or grappling transitions, do these gloves come with a double-length wrist wrap or padding over the thumb, is the palm area nice & open for less chance of grip loss?

These are all questions you should consider, depending on your training regime!
Whether you need a pair for general fitness training, bag & pad work or mixed martial arts sparring, check off the list of requirements you need before jumping into your next pair of MMA gloves.

For Entry/General MMA fitness training.


The Debt Collectors™ MMA mitts are a fantastic pair of entry-level mitts/gloves designed for all areas of MMA type training, boxing bag, pad work, grappling, ground & pound & more.
The Debt Collectors™ come with a stretchy, elastic wrist wrap for easy on/off functionality, additional thumb padding to lower the risk of striking injury & are built with a leather outer casing & superior Punchtex™ palm for increased sweat resistance.
Available in 4 fantastic sizes & multiple colours, if you’re looking for your first MMA mitt for lighter, general MMA type training, the Debt Collectors™ are for you!

Best Features

  • Designed for light, general MMA type training
  • Cut fingers for added grip
  • Stretchy elastic, hook and loop wrist wrap
  • Thumb padding for injury prevention
  • Custom cut padding and shaping
  • Leather outer casing with superior Punchtex™ palms for sweat resistance

For General MMA training.


Ideal general purpose MMA glove for those who prefer a very low profile design for working out/training.
The Urban® MMA Gloves are rated for beginner & intermediate students.
These gloves are built for all areas of training, whether you’re hitting the bag, striking focus pads/Thai pads,  or grappling, these gloves can handle them all.
With an ergonomic open palm & thumb design, your grappling and grip strength will not be compromised when transitioning from striking to clinching & grappling with your training partner.
The Urban MMA Gloves are also built with super soft red, trindle linings for serious hand comfort & reduction of slipping and abrasion.
This product has been in the Punch Equipment® range for over 15 years and earned its place as a proven, hardwearing, functionally designed MMA training glove with all-new, V30 improvements.
At this price point, this MMA glove should absolutely be your first choice!

Best Features

  •  Designed for entry, intermediate MMA training
  •  Engineered for MMA training, drills, bag & pad work
  •  Open palm & thumb design for added breathability & an effortless hand grip
  •  Anti-slip, soft, trindle inner lining for serious hand comfort
  •  Low profile, highly protective knuckle padding
  • Great knuckle padding for bag and pad work

Commercial grade, all-round MMA training, grappling, sparring & competition


These leather MMA mitts are Punch Equipment®’s next-generation sports science offer in fit and styling.
These mitts feature custom handmade pre-curved padding to place your fingers in their natural relaxed curved position. This will greatly reduce accidental eye pokes during training/sparring as well as reducing finger injuries and hand-grip fatigue.
They’re great for bag & pad training, grappling sessions, sparring, and fight nights. They come in a stylish black and white colour scheme with the AAA Punch logo across the face.

Best Features

  • Engineering for MMA training!
  • Custom pre-curved padding & shape for improved prevention against finger & eye injury
  • Full hook and loop closure for a secured wrist fit
  • Minimalist palm for greater grappling grip
  • Made with premium Cowhide Leather

For Sparring


These fantastic MMA mitts are the one-stop glove for all your fitness / MMA training needs.
Whether hitting pads, hitting the bag, utilising ground & pound drills, grappling or sparring in the gym, these mitts are built for them all!
These lightweight mitts feature high-density knuckle foam for serious punching protection, padding thumb enclosure for minimising thumb injuries, Punchcool inner linings for improved slip & sweat resistance & an ergonomic open palm design to ensure your grip isn’t tampered with!
If you’re looking for an MMA mitt that provides serious functionality & protection for MMA training with minimal restriction.
You cannot go past the Shooto MMA Sparring gloves!

Best Features

  • Designed for MMA training, sparring & competition
  • Built with high density, memory foam
  • All leather construction for longevity
  • Full double-length wrist wrap for added stability
  • Punchcool lining for grip and sweat resistance
  • Open palm for maintaining grip strength