Ultimate Guide: How to choose the best Punch Boxing Gloves

Ultimate Guide: How to choose the best Punch Boxing Gloves

Best Punch Boxing Gloves Guide

Last Updated: May, 2020

This Ultimate boxing gloves guide will help you through the process of choosing the best Punch boxing gloves for any type of boxing training.

Whether you're a beginner, professional, boxer, kickboxer, sparring, hitting the bag, hitting focus pads or simply boxing for fitness, Punch Equipment® has the perfect boxing glove designed for you!
Punch Equipment® currently sells a variety of different gloves in the boxing gloves range and we'll run for the best choices in this guide.

Continue reading to find out the best Punch boxing gloves for you.

How to Choose Boxing Gloves

Learn how to select the right boxing gloves by watching this video review:

What are the best boxing gloves for sparring?

If you're looking for a sparring boxing glove, the team at Punch Equipment® will aim to provide you with a few key features that you'll need to look out for.

Padding - A sparring glove should be fitted with enough padding over the knuckles, hand & thumb to protect both you and your opponent while sparring.
Padding can also come with different layers and densities so be sure to test out a few varieties to get the right fit for you!
Ensuring the above will lower the risk of injury during your sparring sessions.

Weight - Ideally, the most recommended boxing glove weight for sparring is 16oz.
This is the best weight/size for a few reasons.
Firstly, a 16oz boxing glove is typically a larger glove overall in comparison to a 10 or 12oz glove, this means a 16oz glove provides more coverage to the user when blocking strikes which lowers the chance of your opponent getting a sneaky punch in which normally may have connected if you were wearing a smaller glove.
Secondly, a 16oz typically has more padding in comparison to it’s lighter weighted counterparts giving both the user and opponent more protection.
Also as a 16oz glove is one of the heavier boxing gloves on the scale, the boxer will require more time and energy to throw a strike then what it would take with a lighter glove, this is great for building power in the striker and making it easier for the opponent to spot an incoming punch!

Wrist support - Make sure your boxing glove comes with a quality lace-up or hook and loop wrist closure. This feature is integral to the support & stabilise of your wrist which will ultimately lower the risk of potential injuries.

Attached & Padded Thumbs - The next tip is to look for in your boxing gloves is ensuring is comes with attached thumbs & a generous amount of padding on this section.
This will lower the risk of thumb & eye injury during sparring sessions.
Bag gloves may look to have an attached thumb, however, their knuckle and thumb padding may be limited which can lead to a higher risk of injury to both users.
Some styles of attached thumbs can also be straight or tucked in depending on the style of the glove, it’s important to try each and review which style s more suitable to your hand.

Which boxing glove weight is right for me?

Boxing gloves are typically rated by their weight & not necessarily their hand size.
Bag mitts, on the other hand, are rated by their hand size as they are not rated on their weight.
A boxing glove for an adult generally starts from 8oz up to 18 or even 20oz.
A boxing glove for a child/youth can start from approx. 4oz up to 8oz.

We recommend the weights below for these specific boxing activities:
Boxing Bag or Focus Pads: 10oz – 12oz
Sparring: 16oz

The above is a simple guide however this choice is completely up to the user.
It’s more important to focus on your needs in a boxing glove rather than focusing on a specific weight.
For example, a 16oz glove for sparring may be cumbersome for a 55kg person, just as an 8oz glove may be too small for a broader built user.

For Beginners & Amateurs

If you've just started boxing for fitness purposes or doing some basic boxing training at home, a bag mitt/glove is an ideal products to get started with.
They are great for hitting pads and bags.
In general, a bag mitt/ bag glove provides essential protection, is lighter & cheaper than a true-to-weight boxing glove so you won't need a big budget to start.
As a beginner it’s important to find out your needs in a glove so you can choose the right glove from the start!

When you first start training it's generally normal to start on a punching bag. A bag mitt/glove provides essential protection over the knuckles for hitting a punching bag.
Always buy a bag mitt with a full hook and loop closure where possible to add support to your wrist. Without wrist support, there is a higher risk of developing wrist and hand injuries from extensive use.

Lastly, always wear either a set of hand wraps or cotton inners to minimise the amount sweat gathering into the mitt/glove.

A bag mitt is a great way to get into boxing for training and fitness with a budget!
We wouldn't recommend the bag mitt for sparring as they don’t typically provide nearly enough protection for the user or opponent.

For General Purpose Boxing Training

A general-purpose boxing glove is ideal for those looking to incorporate one glove to cater for their sparring, punching bag training and pad work.
By purchasing the right boxing glove, you can avoid multiple sets of boxing gloves for training (bag glove and boxing glove).

Our recommended general-purpose boxing gloves are the Trophy Getters. The Trophy Getters are our most popular boxing gloves and come in a wide variety of colours & weights.
You can purchase the Trophy Getters from 8oz all the way up to 18oz.
They're designed with quality cowhide leather & Punchtex Palms and offer some of the best overall protection in the Punch Equipment range.

For Sparring

The best boxing gloves for sparring should provide a great combination of power and protection.
In the sparring glove range we recommend buying the Armadillo Safety Gloves and we'll explain why below.
Armadillo Gloves

The Armadillo Boxing Gloves are our safest boxing glove, it's great for sparring and provides the greatest overall hand protection of Punch gloves.
If hand protection is your top priority in heavy sparring/competition/training, then choose the Armadillo Boxing Glove.

For Wrist Support

Choosing boxing gloves specifically with wrist support in mind will help lower the chances of occurring/re-occurring injuries in the long-term. Whether you're boxing, kickboxing or training, wrist injuries are a common boxer injury from using smaller or cheap gloves with little to no support or padding.
Performing wrist exercises before and after boxing workouts is a simple and quick way of preventing injury.
Wrist exercises will help stretch out the tendons and help with elasticity in the joint.

All Punch boxing gloves provide excellent wrist support to prevent injury while boxing in training and competition. We have designed a strong wrist wrap that protects you from injury. For muay thai training to protect from kicks you will need a training glove that offers more wrist protection.


Dear Punch Equipment®,
I figured most people usually only contact a company if something is wrong or to complain.
I’ve boxed to keep fit for a few years and always picked up minor wrist injuries. I’ve been in Brisbane for the past year and purchased a pair of your urban boxing gloves. The standard of the glove is great and I haven’t had any wrist problems using them. The website and catalogue are also great and very informative.
Many thanks,
Neil Douglas

For Competition & Fighting

A boxing glove for Boxing, Kickboxing or Muay Thai competition is typically 8oz or 10oz & typically lace ups.

should provide both power and protection in fights.
The weight, size and colour is also important.


Competition and Fighting gloves can also be purchased from Punch Equipment®. Designed with full quality leather, the lace up boxing gloves are the best choice for fight nights or competition. Not recommended for general-purpose training because of the laces unless you have a professional trainer.

Under $100.00

In the Punch Equipment range of gloves under $100.00, you can still find some affordable boxing gloves for your training.
Good boxing gloves don't always need to be expensive and you can still get a decent amount of life out of a glove under $100.00.
A glove under $100 would be a fantastic option for someone just starting with boxng and doesn't want to spend much until they get more comfortable.

Our most recommended glove under $100.00 is the Urban Cobra Boxing Gloves.
These gloves are designed for beginner/intermediate users for boxing training and have a number of great features for a nice price point.
This glove comes with a hybrid cowhide leather casing, mesh palm pillow and carbon fibre wrist.
They're also equipped with a full hook and loop closure, injected mould padding and more!
Great for basic training and sparring.

If you're looking for an even cheaper glove, the Urban Boxing Gloves is a great choice for its price. This glove has less features compared to the Urban PDX Titan Boxing Gloves which is the reason for a cheaper price. This gloves comes in a wide range of weights/sizes and colours. The casing is Enduro 35 Synthetic material and will last a few years of training. Great for glove for basic training and ideal for Personal Trainers running mass boxing sessions.

For Punching Bags

When you're training on a punching bag you will use a pair of bag gloves. A bag glove looks like a boxing glove but the difference is in the weight and size. A bag glove is lighter and smaller so you can train for a longer time period on a bag. Whereas a boxing glove is heavier and can be used for sparring or fighting.

A full wrap wrist glove is recommended to fully protect your wrists and hands during fitness training. A bag glove provides similar padding to a bag mitt, they also vent and dry out quickly. They're nice and cheap for beginners or just for fitness use.

White Bronx Bag Gloves Review:

The White Bronx Bag Gloves are ideal for punching bag/pad work training and personal training.

  • Attached thumbs – 3 in hook and loop wrist
  • Bronx fight gear
  • One colour – white
  • Recommended use – boxing fitness workouts
  • Sizing is equivalent to a 12oz glove
  • Synthetic leather gloves
  • Superb hand fit

For Kids & Smaller Hands

Boxing for kids is a fantastic method for teaching your child self-defense and for cardio or exercise workouts.
The key with kids boxing gloves is choosing the correct weight and size so your child is protected and safe.
When you're choosing a glove for your child, the key features should include; an attached thumb for safety, a hook and loop, cooling palms (to prevent sweat marks) and designed with quality leather to last.

In the kids boxing gloves range at Punch Equipment®, we have designed two boxing gloves specifically for children. The first glove is available in 4 oz size which is ideal for small kids around 5-10 years. While the second glove is a 6 oz glove and is ideal for 6-12 year olds. It can be used for people with small hands as well.


For Muay Thai & Kickboxing

Black Diamond Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

If you're looking for a boxing glove specifically for Muay Thai or kickboxing, the key is choosing a glove with the right features for the sport.
Punch Equipment® currently sells two specific Muay Thai boxing gloves.
With a range of great features on both gloves for Muay Thai and Kickboxing, the Black Diamond Muay Thai gloves are popular among Muay Thai fighters & Boxers alike.
Some of these features include a comfortable orange satin hand-fit, pillow palms & tough inner & outer wrist tubes in order to easily block kicks, punches, knees & elbows.
The head of this gloves is also slighty shorter and wider than traditional boxing gloves which is more suited to Muay Thai striking & clinching.
The wrist lining consists of the superior, sweat-wicking Punchcool material.
With long-lasting protection and outstanding comfort, the Black Diamond Boxing Gloves are a stunning choice for Muay Thai.

Black Diamond 'Special' Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

If you're looking for a Muay Thai or kickboxing glove that offers serious hand comfort & V-Carpal wrist protection, the Black Diamond Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves are for you,
These visually stunning gloves are purposely designed for serious protection and wrist stability during your Muay Thai training & sparring.
If you're looking for a step up from your standard Muay Thai boxing gloves or you are in need of some extra wrist support and protection for your Muay Thai training, this Special Muay Thai boxing glove is for you.


Hybrid Gloves

Hybrid gloves/pads are a handy set of boxing gloves when you're training in groups and don't want or have the time to switch between boxing gloves and focus pads constantly.
The Hybrid gloves/pads are built specifically to bridge this issue help you get the best cardio workout possible while removing the need to switch between gloves & pads.
As these pads act as both a boxing glove and focus pad, you can quickly change between striking and catching without the nuisance to change over equipment.
These gloves are also the only gloves in the range which are approved to utilise push-ups!

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We hope the Best Punch Boxing Gloves guide has helped you make the right choice. Shop online at Punch Equipment® to find your perfect boxing gloves!