How to choose the best Punch Boxing Headgear

How to choose the best Punch Boxing Headgear

Learn how to choose the best headgear

In this guide we will help you choose the best headgear for boxing, muay thai, kickboxing or sparring.


Always choose a boxing headgear that fits nicely and doesn't obstruct or annoy you during training. The headgear should fit comfortably on your head and not slip or move.

Always choose leather in headgear

Make sure you always purchase headgear designed in quality leather material. Cheaper headgear productss won't offer the same protection and could do a lot more damage compared to quality leather headgear.

Never buy poorly shaped headgear either. A poorly designed headgear won't protect you and can cause serious head injuries. Punch Equipment only sells headgear that has been tested for your safety.

Sweat Protection and Training Temperature

The headgear you choose should also be based on the climate of the area your training in. If the climate is hot and humid, you will need a headgear that cools you down during sparring and training. Ideally, the open face headgear is perfect for the hotter climates such as Australia and South East Asia.

So in summary, choose a headgear that won't affect your training performance.

3 types of Punch headgear

At Punch Equipment we currently sell three types of headgear for different purposes.

  • ‘Special’ Open Face Head Gear
  • Trophy Getters® Full Face Head Gear
  • Black Diamond™ Head Gear Jaw/Nose Protection

Why choose the Open Face Headgear?

The open face headgear is a light weight headgear that is ideal for amateur boxing. This headgear will allow you to move quickly in training and offers maximum vision without a chin protection bar. The open face headgear is great for training in hot climates and won't make you feel hot during training.

Compared to the full face and jaw protection headgear, the open face head gear doesn't provide the same amount of face protection. However, if you are just using this headgear for amateur boxing without kicks or elbows, you won't need a full face headgear.

Video Review

Watch the video products review for the Special Open Face Head Gear.

Best Features:

  • No chin protection
  • Amateur boxing only
  • Light weight

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Why choose the Full Face Headgear?

The full face headgear is ideally designed for professional boxing and muay thai fighters. The full face headgear offers excellent cheek protection and will protect your full face during sparring. The headgear also provides full peripheral vision and doesn't obstruct your vision during kickboxing or muay thai training. It will fit your head comfortably and locks into your face for ultimate comfort.

This is your most protective Punch Equipment headgear.

Video Review

Watch the video products review for the Trophy Getters Full Face Head Gear.

Best Features

  • Full chin
  • Twice the weight of the open face
  • Extra thick cowhide leather
  • Ear protection
  • Heavy sparring sessions
  • Pads lock in and don’t move
  • Most protective
  • Front, side and back protection

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Why choose the Jaw Protection Headgear?

The Jaw/Nose Protection headgear provides maximum protection for your face and head. It's the best headgear choice for sparring, especially muay thai training. THis headgear will protect you from incoming kicks and punches. As well as providing great visibility so you can defend yourself effectively. We recommend this headgear for Muay Thai professionals and amateurs that are looking for a safe, comfortable headgear.

Video Review

Watch the video review for the Black Diamond Head Gear Jaw/Nose Protection.

Best Features:

What are the best features of the Black Diamond Head Gear Jaw/Nose Protection?

  • Solid bar across
  • Face saver headgear
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Ideal for Muay Thai sparring

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