Boxing Book Review

Boxing Book Review

Boxing Book Review by Punch Equipment®?

Today, we're looking at Punchfit® 50 Pad Work Boxing Combinations Book designed by Punch Equipment.

This is a comprehensive book with over 100 pages in full-colour detail.

What is the main purpose of this book?

The main idea of this book is to give a personal trainer a year's syllabus in pad work combination work. It covers relevant equipment information and their definitions and what they're used for. Such as how to correctly and safely use focus pads, boxing bags, round shields and more.

So this gives you, the personal trainer, a background with the actual equipment used in boxing. This book will help you not get caught out with technical knowledge with your client and you'll gain a good background and understanding of boxing pad work technique.

Technical Definitions

The book goes into technical definitions of correct stance, how to cue on the pads, jab cross and hook. It provides a full definition and notes for both the pad holder and boxer. This section also includes colour pictures of the actual positions, such as an uppercut, left and right-handed uppercut, saturation boxing, left and right body ribs, overhand punches, jabs, spacing, duck and weaving, slipping, lean backs. So it will teach you how to execute them and the things you need to know for the pad holder and the client.

As the book progresses, we move into more advanced techniques, including hardcovers, other defensive moves, footwork and turning 90 degrees, footwork for shuffling for fitness and provision and then how to do correct footwork stepping left, right, backwards and forwards.

Full Year Syllabus

The book then moves onto the year syllabus, which is purely designed for Personal trainers. Each combination is broken down into a step by step process with images. It also includes a technical tip that you use to educate your client. Not only do you have technical tips but you will also be given safety tips. Which is mainly describing if there's something about the pad work that you need to know that could put you at risk if you're not aware of it.

Ring Proven Combinations

In the end, these are ring proven combinations as they have been used in the ring to win State, National, International and World Titles. They've also been tested on over 25,000 students minimum (in fact that numbers well above that nowadays). As well as approximately 30,000 Personal trainers that have been educated using these techniques.

So they're well proven, well demonstrated and this boxing book provides lots of supportive tips throughout.


In summary, it comes with 100 colour pages with a full gloss. We believe it's a really great resource to keep in your bag or car. Or you could screenshot a combination onto your phone as an example.

So the whole idea of this book is the combinations build up in complexity as you progress through them. In turn, this should keep a client retained for a whole year and each week they turn up, they'll do the one combination for the week.

Visit Punchfit®

If you're also looking to learn more about these combinations, our Punchfit® courses can help you visually practice these combinations before taking on clients. They're designed to make you entertaining, technically correct and very safe in your pad work if you're a personal trainer breaking out into teaching boxing combination pad work for fitness and fun.