Boxing Boots Review

Boxing Boots Review

Boxing Boots Review by Punch® Equipment

This Boxing Boots Review will provide an overview of the best features available. We'll review the sizing available, cost and suitability.

Video review

Firstly, watch the below video by the CEO of Punch® Equipment.

Why choose?

If you're looking for mid-price point Boxing boots, we would recommend this pair for a boxer that is looking to improve footwork and boxing skills. Especially if you're wearing running shoes in the ring. They won't offer the same experience as quality Boxing Boots.

The boots are super light and they'll help you move around the ring with ease. They're only available in a black/white version and we think they look great in the ring!


The boots are available in a huge range of sizes from 5 to 14. The sizes are US only and they don't come in half sizes. However, the boot is very forgiving and is designed for both narrow and wider feet. The heel is approximately 10mm high. The boots are ankle height and provide excellent support for your ankle.


We have designed the Boxing Boots with micro fiber nylon material and Punchtex®. Punchtex® material is widely used throughout our range of boxing equipment and it helps protect the material from wear and tear.


These Boxing Boots are designed for the entry level market, which explains the price point under $100. Entry level boxers will enjoy the features available and they'll definitely improve boxing footwork. Also, if you're a wholesale customer, your clients will love these boots for your training sessions. Not registered for Wholesale? sign up here.

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In summary, our Boxing Boots are designed to help you move around the ring, rather than using running shoes. They won't grip the surface and allows for quick movements during sparring. Take your boxing training to another level with Punch Equipment's Boxing Boots.

Boxing Boots Review