Boxing For Kids: What You Need To Know!

Boxing For Kids: What You Need To Know!

Boxing For Kids: Beginners Buying Guide to Boxing

In this Boxing For Kids Boxing guide, our team aims to give you the information, encouragement & reassurance you need to see why the art & sport of boxing is a great choice.
Boxing is a fantastic sport which caters to all ages, genders & walks of life, especially youths.

Boxing can be mistakingly seen by many outsiders as violent, dangerous, a sport of bullying, etc. & while this can be true in VERY rare circumstances, the very same can be said for ANY SPORT!
Unlike other conventional team sports, boxing, martial arts & combat sports, have some truly amazing benefits that greatly outweigh any negatives.
With the right team/club, boxing could be the very best sport you place your child into.

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Why is Boxing Good for Kids?

Boxing provides kids with essential skills that benefit so many aspects of their development, inside & outside of the ring.
As boxing is an individual competitor sport, there is a higher focus on improving an individual rather than focusing on a large team.
In summary, below are just some of the aspects which are improved from undertaking boxing at a young or any age.

For little boxers, fine motor skills can be greatly improved with the assistance of physical sport.
From the aspect of boxing, practising punching techniques with their coach can improve hand-eye coordination, practising footwork & body movements can improve balance & control,  skipping rope can improve all of the above & improve the health of their heart, lungs, muscles, joints, & more.
There are so many activities within the art of boxing that provide a wide range of benefits.
Boxing is much more than simply hitting a boxing bag!

More importantly in our opinion, are the psychological benefits that boxing can have on anyone, especially a child.
Frustration, tantrums, anger, anxiety, etc. can all be seen within a single day, even at all ages!
When boxing or exercise is introduced to any user, negative emotions & mindset can be dramatically reversed through exercise.
Exercise in any form produces endorphins that bring positive energy & outlook on life which carry on long after you train.

The friendships & bonds a child can develop with their teammates & coaches can be lifelong.
A young child interacting with teammates builds confidence, self-esteem, trust, leadership, empathy & more.

Learning how to defend yourself through the art of boxing can also provide a significant confidence boost, which may detur a bully from approaching a potential victim.
More importantly in our experiences, bullying not only can be greatly reduced for the victim but more importantly stop within the bully.
A bully who enrols in boxing more often than may stop bullying altogether, boxing introduces a level of respect to those above their skill level, through hard physical work, dedication, repetition, competition & more which all develop towards a more humble & positive mindset.

A bully who has their frustrations & emotions addressed at the gym can stop them manifesting in the schoolyard!

Is Boxing Safe for Kids?

While no sport is 100% safe for any participant,
Boxing is in comparison to other common sports such as contact football, bike racing & horse racing, considerably safer!
Safety in sparring & competition has also developed heavily through the improvement of rules, guidelines & improved boxing equipment.

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What age should your child start Boxing?

While each child's development and understanding is different, we commonly find that 4+-year-olds can start boxing,
If you're unsure, find your local boxing club to enquire about out their class types & age groups!

How do I get my child into Boxing?

Thankfully boxing is widely available & accessible across the globe!
We recommend visiting a few clubs to review their environments and personalities to ensure they match yours & your needs.
If boxing isn't an option in your area, there are countless forms of martial arts that provide the same benefits as boxing does.

We hope the above information has re-assured you that boxing & other combat sports present some fantastic benefits to all participants of boxing, no matter their age!
If you have any questions related to the above,
Please reach out to us using our online chat below!