Boxing For Women: A Complete Beginners Guide

Boxing For Women: A Complete Beginners Guide

Women's Beginners Boxing Guide

A complete guide to Boxing For Women,
In this expert guide, the team at Punch Equipment will answer some of the common questions you may ask when looking to get into boxing.
We will answer questions relating to class types, equipment needs, & health benefits!

What are the different types of boxing for women?

While boxing in modern times is widely considered by the majority as a combat sport,
The thought of getting punched in the cheek may be the one aspect stopping you from giving boxing a fair go!
Thankfully in 2020, boxing comes in many variations of classes thanks to the rise of gyms, trainers, coaches & instructors incorporating other forms of boxing based sessions into their class offerings,
You may have heard of these classes with such terms as:

  • Boxfit
  • Boxing fitness
  • Fitness boxing
  • Punchfit®
  • Box45 etc.

Lifestyle Urban Sports Bag Online

These types of classes above may cater more to your needs if you're interested in utilizing boxing for fitness & weight loss, rather than learning strict techniques from an old school trainer or if you ever feel the urge to enter the ring!

Secondly, boxing may not excite you as much as other combat-based sports,
You may want to consider trying the below sports which include kicks, knees, elbows & more!

  • Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Mixed Martial Arts

The above combat sports like boxing, also offer a wide variety of fitness-based classes, which are great options for those looking for an amazing workout, while learning some great skills in the process!

If you're unsure which class is for you, ensure to do your research & try multiple classes to find your niche.

Women's boxing equipment

Are women's boxing gloves different from men's?

Yes... & no!
It depends!
Some gloves & pads are specifically designed for either gender.
For example, Punch Equipment stock a stunning range of gloves, pads & wraps for women, the Bling range of women's boxing equipment is built purposely for style, comfort & protection of slender hands, wrists & build.
Check out their amazing features in the link above!
However, the rest of the Punch Equipment range of bag gloves & boxing gloves are intentionally unisex & are suitable for both genders.

What should women look for in a boxing glove?

A boxing glove should always cater to an individual's needs, regardless of your gender!
Whether you have slender hands, weaker wrists, longer fingers, wide hands, etc. understanding your requirements is the only goal for your boxing gloves.
While seeing is believing, testing is the truth!

As an example, the Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves are a fantastic all-rounder boxing glove designed with ample knuckle padding, generous wrist support, made with durable materials & come in multiple weights, making this glove a great option for those training multiple times a week.

Red Trophy Getters 2020

However, if you're only training once or twice a week and need a glove with standard support in all areas, the Urban Boxing Gloves are a suitable option.

Punch Urban Boxing Gloves Black

What boxing gloves weight should you purchase?

As gloves are typically measured by their weight rather than their hand fit,
Choosing the right weight can be a confusing task.

Check out our awesome blog here regarding glove weight.

As a general rule, however,
Selecting a glove from 12oz - 16oz glove is a great choice for beginners.
Remember that heavier gloves typically translates to larger glove overall, in a heavier package.
A 16oz boxing glove is a great choice for those wanting the extra burn in the shoulders & arms however can be a bummer for those wanting to incorporate faster boxing combinations.

Ensure to check the description of the glove on to understand their weights, build & features!

Should women wear boxing wraps?

Absolutely, if there is one law to abide by when investing in a pair of boxing gloves, it's to always wear wraps underneath them.
Imagine buying a new pair of sleek shoes & never wearing socks... YUCK!

Whether you use a simple cotton inner or learn to effectively wrap your hands with 4-meter stretch boxing wraps, creating a shield between your sweat & the boxing glove is priority number one.

Benefits of boxing

What are the health benefits of boxing?

Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA & other martial art/combat sports based exercise provides so many benefits for all users, & they aren't just skin deep!
For example:

  • Physical benefits: Fat loss, muscular gain, improved balance, coordination, flexibility & much more!
  • Psychological benefits: Improved sleep & memory, boosting your overall mood, stress reliever & that's just the start!
  • Sociological benefits: Friendships gained, higher self-esteem & empathy, the benefits of a team environment are endless!

We hope this guide has helped you understand why boxing is a fantastic option in training for not only women but for all people!
If you have any questions regarding the above,
Chat to our team via the chat below!