Selecting A Boxing Glove Guide


A boxing glove is a fully padded glove with padding over the hand, knuckles & thumb while providing stable wrist support & primarily is built for striking a boxing bag, focus pads/mitts, sparring, in-ring competition general fitness workouts.
Boxing gloves are mainly differed by their weights.

Punch Equipment starts kids gloves at 4oz, 6oz & 8oz.

Adults typically start from approx. 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz & 18oz for those with very large hands!
Originally, the boxing glove was designed for contact fighting, sparring, boxing based training however is now in high demand with mixing functional fitness, HIIT training and more!


In a quick summary, the heavier the boxing glove, the heavier the resistance on the user, the harder it is to throw punches over time which typically provides a harder all-round workout:

8oz: Commonly used for competition in lighter weight categories,
10oz: Commonly used for competition in heavier weight categories, also commonly used for boxing bag & pad/mitt training.
12oz: Moderate workout, commonly used in boxing bag & pad/mitt training.
14oz: Moderate workout, may be used as a sparring or training glove.
16oz & above: Common weight for sparring due to their weight & size.

Boxing Glove Features Variations:

Lace-Up Wrist: Seen mainly in competition boxing fights.  Takes time to do up and tape but leaves no marks on the face.
Hook and Loop Wrist: Easy for users to put on and take off, more common with training gloves.
Elastic Wrist: For a quick release, less common in boxing gloves.
Full Wrap Hook and Loop: Easy for users to put on and take off, optimal for everyday training, comfort, support & stability.
Attached thumb: Padding thumb protection to aid in the fist formation & further thumb protection when striking or being struck.