Boxing Headgear: How To Choose The Right Model!

Boxing Headgear: How To Choose The Right Model!

How To Choose The Right Headgear

In this blog, our team will run through the many types of headgears available for boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and more!
We will explain why each model could be the perfect choice for your sparring needs!
We'll also let you know which models may not be suitable for your sport!

Full Face Head Gear

Trophy Getters Full Face Boxing Headgear Red 4

A full-face headgear is designed to protect the boxer/fighter from facial bruising, cuts, and abrasions.
This model should provide quality padding over the forehead, ears, cheeks, temple, and chin.
A premium full-face headgear like the Trophy Getters Full Face Boxing Head Gear is built to give you maximum protection without vision loss.
If you’re looking for headgear with nose protection in particular check out the Ultra Nose Bar Protector Headgear.

Recommended for:
- All levels of boxers, Thai boxers, and MMA sparring
- Kids to adults
- Boxers wanting to minimise bruising, scrapes, and cuts in sparring.

Not recommended for:
- Professionals needing slim headgear.
- Those who are prone to nose injuries.

Cheek Protector Head Gear

Side profile of the BlackFuerte Ultra Boxing Head Gear

A cheek protector headgear is designed to provide protection over the forehead, ears, and cheeks, their smaller profile also makes this headgear extremely light.
The Fuerte Ultra Cheek Protector Headgear is the ultimate headgear of this type, housing a premium mix of padding, slim profiling, and serious comfort.
Don't take our word for out, check out the reviews in the link above!.

Recommended for:
- Professional boxers/fighters
- Teens to adults
- Boxers wanting to minimise bruising and cuts in sparring while having an almost weightless headgear.

Not recommended for:
- Those looking for more overall padding around the head.
- Those looking to primarily protect the nose.

Nose / Jaw Protector Head Gear

Ultra Nose Protector Head Gear in Black

Nose bar headgears are designed to provide a barrier between your nose and your partner's hands at all times!
The steel frame should stop any incoming shots break through the guard and reach the nostrils.
The only factor a boxer should consider when buying this headgear is the amount of vision, a premium nose bar headgear should be balanced in both vision and safety!
The Ultra Nose Bar Protector Headgear is an absolute beast in this category.
This headgear comes with a premium aircraft-grade metal alloy which is extremely light yet incredibly strong.
The only downside of this headgear is the chin exposure and potential vision loss.

Recommended for:
- Professional boxers/fighters
- Teens to adults
- Boxers wanting to stop their nose taking damage during sparring, particularly boxers!

Not recommended for:
- Those in need of optimal vision.
- Those looking to primarily protect the chin.

Open Face Head Gear

Right angle of the red Urban Open Face Headgear

The open-face headgear is the most recognized headgear in amateur combat sport competitions such as boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai.
An open-face head guard provides standard protection over the brow, ears, and cheeks.
It provides the least amount of protection to users in comparison to the rest of the models however it also provides the best vision of all headgear with no padding sitting in front of the face.
If you're looking for headgear that's minimalistic in most areas yet provides padding in some vital areas or training for your next amateur boxing competition,
The Urban Open Face Headgear for you!

Recommended for:
- Amateur fighters.
- Kids to adults.
- Those looking for headgear with minimal vision loss!

Not recommended for:
- Those looking for more overall protection around the head and face.
- Professional fighters in need of specialist headgear.

Full Face Grill Head Gear

Urban Grill Boxing Headgear

A full-face grill headgear is a perfect model for traditional martial arts sparring such as full-contact karate or taekwondo.
The grill is designed to absorb the grunt of the shot and stop the user coping a hand or foot to the head.
The removable grill makes this headgear also suitable for boxing and kickboxing also.
If you're looking for protection overall, the Urban Grill Headgear is for you!

Recommended for:
- Traditional martial arts sparring.
- Teens to adults.
- Stopping all contact to the face.

Not recommended for:
- Children
- Those in need of optimal vision or specialised protection.
- Weapons training.

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