Boxing Helmet Review - Bronx™ Grill Headgear

Boxing Helmet Review - Bronx™ Grill Headgear

Boxing Glove and Pad Set

Here’s a quick Boxing Helmet review of the Bronx™ Grill Headgear by Punch Equipment®.

Why Choose?

The aim of the Bronx range at Punch® is to provide a quality product without the fuss of fancy logos and packaging. So it keeps the price down while still providing a simple to use product. In terms of this Bronx Grill Headgear, it’s a great entry-level helmet for beginners in sparring.

Full Leather Helmet

This is a full leather head guard at a great price online. It’s a unique design at Punch with the polycarbonate grill guard on the front, which is fully customisable. It’s held together with quality velcro tabs. So potentially, you could use this headgear as a full face as well. On both sides, you’ll find ear protection padding as well.

Lace Up Top

The top of this helmet is full lace-up, which allows you to customise the fit to your liking. It gives you a tight fit and it won’t move around while sparring. Some headgears on the market will use a padded top instead. But we find those types will slip and slide around your head while sparring. Which can impact your vision and protection. Not to mention, a sliding headgear isn’t fun to use!

Why use the Cage?

The cage is designed for people who want full protection of their face/nose. So if you can’t afford any face contact, the cage is a great feature.

It’s also designed for people who are coming from no head contact sparring to light full contact sparring. This will be a great intermediate solution if you’re not experienced with face contact.

Buy Online

This Boxing helmet is aggressively priced within the online market considering it comes with full leather and it’s very customisable.