Boxing Merchandise

Boxing Merchandise

Boxing Merchandise Australia

If you’re looking for Boxing Merchandise online, this article will provide you with our best tips and a review of our Autograph Boxing Gloves.

Autograph Boxing Gloves

Punch® Equipment provides Autograph Boxing Gloves online, great for autographs and fight show giveaways. They have many uses as a boxing merchandise item, such as: framing, trophy, plaques or just sitting on your bedside table. Purchase a custom frame from a memorabilia specialist and place a favourite picture of the boxer inside.

The gloves come in white only and they’ll stand out in your pool room, bedroom or mantle piece. The gloves are perfect for boxing fans – get a signature from a famous boxer and you’ll have a prized boxing merchandise item. Otherwise, if you run a boxing show and you’re looking for items to up-sell during the night, these gloves will fit perfectly. Especially in a framed item, the white will stand out and you’ll potentially get more bids.

Where to find a framing specialist?

If you’re looking for a local, framing specialist – search for “memorabilia framing” or “boxing memorabilia framing” on Google and you’ll find local results. The best choice would be a framing specialist that has a portfolio of boxing merchandise items. The other factor to consider is the shipping cost. This is especially true if you’ve purchased a large frame. If you choose a local shop, the shipping cost will be less and you can potentially pickup the items. Picking up the item will also minimise the threat of damage. The frame will be fragile and could become damaged in the post. So we definitely recommend finding a local framing specialist.