Boxing Mitts Review

Boxing Mitts Review

Boxing Mitts Review

If you’re looking for quality Boxing Mitts, watch a video review above of the Thumpas® Commercial Grade Curved Focus Pads.


The Thumpas® have remained unchanged for over 20 years as a mainstay in the Punch® Equipment range. They also come with a Punchtex® casing which has a lifetime warranty on the case tearing. But we have a lot of clients that have remarked on the little wear and tear of these pads over the years. If well looked after and cleaned regularly, the Thumpas can easily last 6-10 years of Personal Training or mass Gym use.

The pads are extremely durable and soft, they also keep their shape over time of extensive training use. The pads also come with a target right in the sweet spot. It helps improve boxing accuracy and more.

For Mass Boxing

The Thumpas® are mainly designed for mass boxing sessions. They come with an easy on and off slip design which allows quick switching during Crossfit sessions for example. The back has a pull-off tab which can be pulled by teeth as an example.


The Thumpas are available in two sizes: Medium and Large. The medium size is ideal for small ladies and youth with a smaller hand size. The large size is the most popular size and is ideal for most average sized people.


For hygiene reasons, the outside of the pad can be washed and cleaned. However, we wouldn't recommend using a Washing machine.


  • Choose for mass boxing classes (Personal Trainers)
  • AAA rated
  • 20+ years in the range
  • Easy slip on and off
  • Lock in design
  • Sweet spot target
  • Washable for hygiene reasons