Boxing Pad Work Tips | 4 boxing techniques to improve!

Boxing Pad Work Tips | 4 boxing techniques to improve!

4 vital techniques every pad session should include!

In this blog, our pro team will run through 4 areas of pad work that should be trained consistently to give the pad holder & boxer, the most out of every workout!

Whether you're a boxer, Thai boxer, mixed martial artist, or just love hitting the pads with friends,
Focusing on the below tactics will develop your skills to the next level!

#1 - Tempo/Timing

It's common to see boxing beginners throw every combination at the same pace.
While there is nothing wrong with this, it can eventually make your training stale & provide bad habits for fighters.
Switching up the tempo & timing rather than simply changing the combination can add some serious fun & style to your training.

Take a double jab, cross for example.

The standard rhythm you would typically see is "Jab, Jab, Cross" from the boxer.

However, with a simple switch of the tempo, you can throw off your pad holder & opponent in the ring with ease.

Take a look at the slight timing adjustment below.

B. Jab, WAIT, Jab, Cross
C. Jab, Jab, WAIT, Cross

You've now found 3 different ways to complete the same combination.
Following these small changes can add some extra flavour to your pad training!

#2 - Footwork

In the sport of boxing & all combat sports in general,
Footwork is vital to your offensive & defensive tactics.
In regular boxing pad work, footwork adds serious challenge & focus to every session.
Rather than staying in place & throwing 100 punches with your partner,
Learn to step onto the target which can add power to your punches & bring mindfulness to every combination.

Other drills such as cutting angles, pivoting, stance switching can give your pad work the challenge it deserves!

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#3 - Upper body movement

There is nothing more frustrating for a coach watching their fighter getting hurt in the ring, especially when they are simply standing still!
Practising upper body movement is not just for defence, it can also improve your punching power & give the boxer an awesome challenge when throwing combinations on pads.
These movements include slipping, ducking, weaving, leaning & more.
Add some of the above movements into your workouts for a fantastic challenge for your body & mind.

#4 - Guarding/Blocking

Have you ever heard the term, "A boxing bag doesn't hit back?"
The same can also be said for friendly pad holders too!
A professional pad holder understands that punching is only 1 part of the boxing puzzle.
While blocking a punch may not look as exciting as throwing one,
It could very well save you from injury in & outside the ring while keeping the brain firing & ready for what's next!
Adding a simple blocking or parrying drill into your combinations can turn a simple drill into the complete boxing package.

We hope these boxing tips have helped you think hard about your next pad session!

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