Boxing Paddles | A Must Have Boxing Tool!

Boxing Paddles | A Must Have Boxing Tool!

Why Choose Boxing Paddles?

In this blog, our team will run through 4 massive benefits of utilizing boxing paddles for your boxing pad work.
While traditional punch-catching tools like focus pads & Thai pads are fantastic in their own right, boxing paddles are another item we highly recommend to put on your coaching belt.
Take a look at the 4 amazing reasons why!

Best benefits of Boxing Paddles for boxing pad work

  1. Low Impact / Shock Absorption on the pad holder.
    The number one benefit by far is the ability to take unnecessary shock absorption off the muscle & joints of the pad holder.
    Holding focus pad or Thai pads can eventually cause all sorts of ailments & injuries for the holder,
    Especially with a longer, bigger & stronger student!
    The paddle's ability to absorb & expel the force through the target area rather than directly into your hands, elbows & shoulders is a huge feature.
    If there is one reason above all that paddles should be included in your tool kit, it's for the prevention of injury!
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  2. Longer reach than focus pads
    As paddles extend well beyond the length of your hands, reaching your student to make them slip, roll, etc. is easier than ever before,
    Making speed-based boxing combinations including offensive, defensive & evasive elements faster than ever before.
    You can also keep your students guard in check without needing to over-extend a focus pad & potentially coping a glove in the chin!
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  3. Lightweight tool
    Most paddles are built with light, durable materials making them great to hold for long periods of time.
    If you have a large day of pad holding ahead, changing to paddles is great for taking the strain off your upper body.
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  4. Great feedback for the boxer
    The pop felt on a paddle feels phenomenal on a boxer's gloves & hands, while the same can be said for focus pads, a focus pad can sometimes be jarring in the hands of the wrong pad holder.
    Catching a punch with a paddle won't provide nearly as much stress on the pad holder or boxer's body, even if thrown with a lot of effort, winning!

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