Boxing Pads Review - Urban Focus Pads

Boxing Pads Review - Urban Focus Pads

Boxing Mitts Review

If you’re looking for Personal or home training boxing pads, watch a video review above of the Urban Focus Pads.

Difference between the Thumpas and Urban Focus Pads

They are a lightweight version of the famous Commercial Grade Thumpas® Focus Pads, so I'll explain to you the differences. First of all the material, we've gone to an enduro25, which is a lighter material compared with the commercial-grade lifetime warranty Punchtex™ material. But it's adequate for normal day-to-day training, you know if you're training once or twice a week these are fine.

Material/Lock in design

Because the material is lighter, we've put in here reinforced tabs on each corner to prevent tear away, if you get a bit rough with the pad. But basically, it's a very attractive pad with hand lacing, dual-layer thermopile padding inside and ambidextrous hand fittings. Because they're designed more for partner training or one-on-one use, they come with a security tab here. So the idea is you put your hand into a very large protective mound inside, you lock that in and I've got a really large mound sticking up in my hand here to grab hold of. Now I'm in for keeps and I can use these focus pads quite effectively.

Designed for home training or Personal Training

So these pads are more for home training or if you're using them for PT work, if you'd only training once or twice a week these are fine. But If you're really going to give them a bashing, you need to go to a Thumpas focus pad. But just for normal entry-level use, the Urban Focus Pad is a highly successful pad that comes in several colours that comes in a black/white, red/white, blue/white and also a hot pink/white as well.

12 month recreational warranty

So this Focus Pad from Punch® Equipment is rated in our urban boxing range. Which means it has a 12-month recreational warranty or a three-month commercial grade warranty. It's highly effective and much more budget-priced for home training and once or twice a week personal training.