Boxing Sticks Review

Boxing Sticks Review

Video Review of Boxing Sticks by Punch®

In this Boxing Sticks Review we'll look at how to use them for training and the major benefits for coaching your clients.


The popular Coach Sticks have been given a design update with white tips added to the end of both sticks. This allows you to further improve your hand-eye coordination with a more visible tip while training.

Coach boxing sticks are foam lined battens with a hand lanyard and the idea of these Coach sticks is they're very pleasant to use. Especially if you're fatigued as a coach or you want to work with a client without putting the huge effort required to do Thai pad work or focus pad work. You can see the difference in the pad work while Nick is meeting the punches. He's tapping the punches with the coach stick and that's the difference between a coach Mitt, coach pads and focus pads.

With Coach Sticks, you have to hold the pads firmly for the client and you get no wrist pain and it's very easy for the customer just to tap away so you can see she is just punching away and she's got good intensity on the focus sticks. Basically, these coach sticks are letting her focus her punches really efficiently.

For Evasion / Ducking

The coach sticks are ideal for training evasion and ducking. But you need to watch the contact with the coach sticks as they can hurt you if you're really silly about it. But use with discretion as they are a great way to get a customer to tidy up their technique. You can also train their evasion all at once. So you can professionally train a client or if you're training children, you can get them into shape without having to make any contact or take your equipment off, which is a huge advantage.

So the real pleasure in these sticks is the customer gets great impact and they feel like they're punching really well. From the coach's point of view, you feel very little as long as you meet the strikes with the coach stick and its pleasant for you as well. But if you're passive with the coach stick, the coach stick can be punched out of your hand. So it's important to have that little collision of the meeting of the glove and the coach stick on everything.

Testing accuracy

These coach sticks can be used for testing accuracy very quickly and very accurately. They're also great for training footwork, elbows and more.