Boxing Supplies Perth - Giri Martial Arts

Boxing Supplies Perth - Giri Martial Arts

Buy Boxing Supplies Perth - Best Range of Punch Gear

If your looking for boxing supplies Perth Giri Martial Arts is your best choice for the latest Punch Equipment gear.

Giri Martial Arts is a leading retailer in the Martial Arts range & Boxing gear in Perth. The meaning of GIRI is a Japanese word for a sense of loyalty a sense of obligation.

Giri supplies a huge range of Punch gear online, including: boxing gloves, mma gloves, sparring gloves, bag gloves, thai pads, cotton inners, focus pads, round shield, shin pads, headgear, boxing boots, groin guards, belly pads, speedballs, thai shorts, boxing shorts, fight gear, apparel, gear bags, skipping ropes, boxing bags, knee pads and more!

Boxing Gloves Perth

Giri Martial Arts stocks the full range of Punch Boxing Gloves including our best the seller the Trophy Getters.

Trophy Getters are available in sizes of: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz and colours: Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Black, Purple, Pink.

Armadillos safety gloves are available in 10oz, 12oz and 16oz, they can be purchased in blue/white, red/white and black/white.

Punch Bag Busters available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and colours: Blue/White, Red/White, Black/White, Pink/White

Black Diamond Gloves are ideal for muay thai sparring, they can be purchased in 12oz and 16oz.

Contact Details

Address: Shop 3, 1234 Albany Hwy Cannington Western Australia 6107
Phone: +61 8 9458 9199
Fax: +61 8 9458 9730

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For the best boxing supplies Perth, shop at Giri Martial Arts today!