Build stamina for Boxing in 4 easy steps

Build stamina for Boxing in 4 easy steps

How to build stamina for Boxing

In this blog post, Punch Equipment will help you learn how to build stamina for Boxing in 4 easy steps. These tools will include running or sprinting, skipping, sparring and utilising a light or heavy boxing bag.

What you’ll need:

Boxing gloves
Skipping rope
Focus pads
Light or Heavy Punching bag

Start Running or Sprinting


Running or Sprinting can become a key stamina builder for Boxing due to its extensive cardiovascular benefits.
A regular running schedule will increase your anaerobic and aerobic endurance, improve your heart & lung health as well as much more.
The distance you run for should depend on the type of Boxing training you're undertaking. If you’re training for a fight, it’s recommended to focus on longer-distance runs, such as 5km, 10km or further. This helps build stamina for a fight. Meanwhile, if you’re just boxing for fitness, start with shorter distants to begin with. The benefits from running dont just affect your boxing skillset but your overall health and well-being.

Start Skipping


Skipping is another great staple for increasing your stamina during boxing training.
It’s great for warming up in any form of workout, skipping will not only improve your overall cardiovascular endurance but also improve your footwork & footwork timing, build lean muscle mass and enhancing stamina.

Find a Sparring partner


Sparring is not only a great way of building stamina, it provides the body and mind with many benefits, light sparring is a fantastic way to burn extra calories, have fun with friends, improve breathing and striking technique, build confidence & much more.
Sparring sessions essentially simulates fighting in it's rawest form, sparring should be essential training for ring fighters and optionals for fitness training.
You can also use utilise a Pad Holder to throw light strikes at you to add a further surprise element to your workout.


Punch a Boxing Bag


The last beneficial stamina training element would be hitting a light or heavy punching bag.
A boxing bag can be used with many different boxing training variations in mind, high intensity intervals, timed rounds, partner drills, power strikes, fitness drills, kicking, kneeing, the options are almost endless for boxers.
It’s a good idea to move around a boxing bag as much as possible to maximise your output and ramp up the stress on your body to increase your stamina.
A heavy bag can provide more energy back onto the boxer so be aware that having good technique, wearing wraps and high-quality gloves is a must!