Business Tip: Cash Flow

Business Tip: Cash Flow

Managing your cash flow

In this business tip, the owner of Punch® Equipment provides you with his best advice for managing cash flow as a small business.

Tip - Don't confuse cash flow with profit

The number 1 tip we can suggest is to not confuse cash flow with profit. Make sure you always spend within your needs. Also another suggestion is to create a spreadsheet or use an online system for tracking income and expenses. This way you can see exactly how much you're earning each week and you can create a budget around this amount.

Tip - Re-invest earnings into your business

The next tip we provide is to always re-invest your profit back into your business. This allows your business to grow and you'll earn more money this way, instead of just earning a wage each week.

Best Online Platforms

We suggest using the following online platforms for managing the income of a small business.

  • Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Excel/Numbers (Mac)
  • Myob - Accounting system
  • Xero - Online accounting system

Learn how to manage cash flow as a new Business owner in the above video.

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