Why do you need boxing shoes?

Why do you need boxing shoes?

The benefits of training in boxing shoes

If you're wondering whether you should buy Boxing shoes, this article will explain why the right shoes could take your boxing to another level!

There are a number of benefits for training with boxing shoes, including:

  • Sweat protection - Boxing shoes allow sweat to evaporate quickly and the insides are kept dry.
  • Traction - They help you stay on your feet and grip with the surface you're training on.
  • Weight - Boxing shoes are lighter, allowing for quick movements and agility.


Generally, a boxing shoe should provide a similar fit as a regular cross-training shoe. The main difference with boxing shoes is they provide much better ankle support and durability. As training shoes are mainly designed for running or basic training, Boxing shoes are specifically designed for the unique elements of Boxing.


When you're buying shoes online, it can be difficult to know which size is right for you. As a general guide, we recommend you buy a size that's similar to your regular training shoe size. If the shoe doesn't fit, we can always replace it with a different size.