Top 4 reasons for choosing a Boxing Stand

Top 4 reasons for choosing a Boxing Stand

Why buy a Boxing Stand?

If you're wondering why you should buy a boxing bag stand, this article will help you decide whether a boxing stand is for you.

The Rock Boxing bag stand is a strong, tubular steel frame which can hold bags up to 5 feet. This stand is the perfect option for people who are unable to use floor or ceiling anchors and it includes weight plate mounts for added stability.

1. When fixing to a wall isn't an option

If you live in a rental or a place where you can't screw bolts into a wall, a boxing bag stand will be of most benefit to you. Simply place the stand in a garage, empty room or an outside training area and you'll have a home training boxing bag.

If your walls are weak or you don't want to damage your wall, a boxing stand is also a much better option.

2. Ideal for home workouts

The second benefit of a boxing stand is the ability to setup a home gym boxing area. With a boxing stand, you can practice agility, footwork, cardio, hand-eye coordination, conditioning and more.

3. Suitable for bags up to 5ft

In general, the Punch® Equipment boxing stand can hold up to a 5ft punching bag due to the weight of a bag. If you place a heavy bag (around 40+ kg)

4. Multiple bags

With a professional bag stand, you can attach a range of punching bags from speed balls to 5ft boxing bags.

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