How to buy Ladies Boxing Gloves

How to buy Ladies Boxing Gloves

How to buy Ladies Boxing Gloves
If you're looking to buy ladies boxing gloves, this article will help you make the correct buying decision.


The hand fit of a boxing glove is one of the most important decisions you need to make when buying ladies boxing gloves.

A good idea before buying a glove is to measure both your hands and wrist to find the correct size.


Choosing by boxing glove weight is measured in ounces. A general rule of thumb is the more you weight, the larger the glove you should choose in terms of weight. It also depends on what kind of training you'll be doing.

Such as if you're training for a fight, it's better to train with a heavier glove so you'll punch quicker with a smaller weighted glove during the fight. If you're just training with a friend on focus pads or hitting a punching bag, the boxing glove you choose is determined by your weight and height.

Here is a general guide for choosing by weight:

OZ Your weight (KG) Recommended for Product
6 oz Under 40kg A 6 oz glove would be ideal for a lady with extra small hands and under 40kg.  
8 oz 40-45kg The 8 oz is usually used for fight nights or ladies around 40kg. Urban Boxing Gloves
10 oz 45-50kg 10oz is recommended for ladies around 45kg or 50kg. Armadillo™ Safety Boxing Gloves
12 oz 50-60kg Recommended for ladies from 50kg to 60kg and medium size in height. Pink/Black Trophy Getters
14 oz 70-80kg The 14oz size is great for ladies around 75kg and gives a good cardio workout.
16 oz Over 80kg Recommended for ladies over 80kg and tall in height Pro Leather Urban Boxing Gloves

Hand Wrapping

We also recommend you buy hand wraps or cotton inners for your gloves. The main reasons are to protect from sweat and the wraps also fill out the glove.

Buy Online

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