Buy sparring gloves online - How to guide - Updated 2020

Buy sparring gloves online - How to guide - Updated 2020

How to buy sparring gloves

Learn how to buy sparring gloves online at Punch® Equipment in this buying guide.

A sparring glove should always have extra padding around the glove so you don't injure your opponent in a spar. Sparring is all about improving skills and preparing for a fight against a similar opponent.

Quick tips:

  • Buy quality gloves - Make sure you always buy quality sparring gloves from a professional Boxing brand, such as Punch® Equipment. A sparring glove under $100 isn't going to last long and will do more damage than good.
  • Buy leather gloves - Leather gloves both provide improved, lasting protection as well as durability over years of sparring
  • Hand Wraps - We always recommend wrapping your hands before any sparring sessions to not only protect yourself, but the boxing gloves will last much longer and thank you for it!
  • Weight - 16 oz is the common glove size for sparring gloves in Boxing. They help increase your stamina and endurance as the gloves are heavier. They also won't hurt your opponent, compared to a 14 oz or below.

Sparring gloves - Boxing

As we've mentioned, a sparring glove for Boxing needs to be 16oz or heavier for the best results.


Armadillo Safety Glove

The Armadillo is a sparring glove we recommend for both men and ladies. It's our best choice for boxers with bad wrists as they provide the best wrist protection. This glove has been in the range for years and we definitely recommend for sparring in Boxing.

Testimonial: Comfortable, Great fit and provide effective support.



Mexican Sparring Gloves

The Mexican sparring gloves are our next recommended gloves. They provide excellent hand protection and our customers love sparring in them. They're available in 16 oz only and a wide range of colours.

Testimonial: This glove is amazing! The comfort is exceptional; very soft and secure while moulding to your hand. The wrist and hand protection is superb and durability is unquestionable. I have no fear of injuring myself thanks to the support it provides. As cliché as it is, this glove truly upholds the old saying “fits like a glove”.



Special Boxing Gloves

This glove is specifically designed for sparring in Boxing. It's exclusively available in 16 oz online.

Testimonial: My favourite Punch® product is the AAA Specials® gloves – they are by far the best gloves I have ever owned.



Trophy Getters

The last in our recommend gloves for sparring is the Trophy Getters. They're are our number 1 selling boxing gloves online. We recommend this glove because it's our only glove available in 18 oz.

Testimonial: I tried these today for the first time at my gym. 12oz green and white gloves. Awesome – snug fit and my wrists felt very supported in them. Well impressed with these gloves.


Sparring gloves - Kickboxing

Sparring gloves that are suitable for kickboxing must provide great protection against kicks around the head.


Lace Up Gloves

We recommend this lace-up glove for Kickboxing, sparring and fighting. It's also suitable for boxing training but only if you're experienced with lace up gloves.


Sparring gloves - Muay Thai

Much like kickboxing gloves, a Muay Thai sparring glove must provide protection from incoming hits around the head and body.

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond glove has been a staple of the Punch® Equipment for over 10 years. It's a very popular glove for sparring as it provides ultimate protection from kicks/elbows/knees and of course, punches.

Testimonial: The Black Diamond glove is the #1 choice for sparing and hard pad work in our club. The amazing fit and feel the glove make training awesome.



Sparring gloves - MMA

If you're looking for MMA sparring gloves, they must be lightweight and provide hand protection around the knuckles. As well as padding and handfit.


Shooto Glove

This MMA glove is our #1 recommended glove for sparring. It's offically licensed by MMA Australasia as approved MMA equipment. This glove provides the best overall padding compared to our other MMA gloves in the range.