Cotton Inners Review

Cotton Inners Review

How to choose Cotton Inners

Learn how to choose the best cotton inners to protect your boxing gloves from sweat. For most adults the large size will fit your hand perfectly. While the medium size is ideal for small women and kids.

Today we're going to review Cotton Inners. It's not a long conversion as cotton inners are pretty straight forward. There are two types of inners, disposable and commercial grade. A disposable cotton inner is used once and that's it. Whereas a Commercial grade cotton inner can be re-washed and re-used for approximately 6 to 12 months. The length of time the inner lasts depends on the amount of training you're doing per week. Obviously more use will lessen the life of the inner.


In terms of sizing, we provide three different options: Small, Medium, Large. They do shrink in the wash over time, so take this into consideration when buying a cotton inner. In general, the large size will fit most people with average sized hands.

Small Size - Ideal for kids and small hands.
Medium Size - Ideal for small ladies and teenagers/bigger kids.
Large Size - Ideal for most adults.

12 pair pack

If you're a Personal trainer or Instructor, this pack of cotton inners is for you! Buy 12 pairs of cotton inners in a pack. They'll help your boxing gear last without sweat marks throughout your gloves and pads. A client will also feel that you care about their comfort during training as cotton inners are highly recommended for boxing gloves and pads.