Difference between budget and expensive boxing gloves

Difference between budget and expensive boxing gloves


What are the differences between budget & expensive boxing gloves?

In this guide,
Our team will give you some insight into why boxing gloves aren't all priced the same!

Why/How is a glove considered cheap?

No boxing gloves are made equally,
From their features, interior and exterior materials, padding & right down to their craftsmanship & build quality,
There are many reasons why a boxing glove may cost very little & another may cost much more.
Understanding why is important to not only to your pocket but most importantly, your needs!

Why is a bag mitt cheaper than a boxing glove?

The most inexpensive variation of a glove you will see is typically the bag mitt, why?
Bag Mitts are typically engineered to carry the standard amount of protection in the necessary areas of boxing,
The padding will be thin & dense enough for light boxing bag/focus pad work, the thumb may not provide any padding & the wrist support will be a single wrap-around, thinner 3-inch thick strap.
As a bag mitt is also made without the consideration of weight, fewer materials overall are needed for its construction.


Even bag mitts aren't all built the same!
The AAA Grade, Bag Busters® boxing mitts are engineered with durable materials meant to be heavily used in commercial training environments,
Whereas premium, bag mitts such as the Mexican 'Fuerte' Bag Mitts, are built for professionals who love the unrestricted feedback, feel & hand comfort & made with quality materials!

Which boxing gloves should a beginner use?

Beginners shouldn't feel restricted to entry-level boxing gear,
If you feel like you want to splurge on some premium boxing gloves, you should!
Just ensure to do your research prior to ensure you are getting the features you are wanting!
For example, the Urban Boxing Gloves are a fantastic, protective boxing glove for those new to boxing who are on a budget.

How much should you spend?

This answer above depends on the answer to the below question!

What do you need/want in a boxing glove?

Do you need a certain weight? (12oz, 16oz, etc.)
Do you train a once or multiple days a week?
Are you training on a boxing bag, focus pads?
Are you looking for a certain feel or specific features? ( Comfort, durability, big handfit, etc.)

An example of this answer may be:

"I need a pair of 16oz boxing gloves for sparring once a week"
Once you can answer what your needs & wants are in a glove.
The cost can be determined.

Are expensive boxing gloves worth it?

Premium boxing gloves should come with features that separate them from the typical pack,
They may cater more towards comfort, protection, durability or a combination of all three.
For example, the 'Fuerte' Ultra Boxing Gloves are individually handmade by experienced craftsmen & are engineered with some of the softest & thickest cowhide leather ever felt, the hand fit also feels 'broken in' which means it melts to your hand beautifully.
Features like the above will give you a clearer understanding of why they may come at a higher price.