Eye Iron Review

Eye Iron Review

Product Review - Eye Iron

Here's a quick review of our Eye Iron by Punch Equipment®.
This is a small piece of metal that is simply curved to economically fit along the shape of your face, cheekbone or eye socket.
It's got a heat pack shrunk handle and the purpose of this is so it's not cold to hold when you're using it.

How does an Eye Iron work?

Fundamentally, this little device is left in a bucket of ice and if you get injured during sparring, you then take it out of the ice and press it onto the end of the swelling or the bruise.
Then, the eye iron will greatly reduce the healing time, the discomfort and the size of the contusion or whatever you've got there.
So even a cut can be ironed in and you will use it as a mini iron when it's freezing cold. Then, you press it down on the injury.


So that's the Eye Iron from Punch Equipment®.
We recommend that you don't buy a flat eye iron as it doesn't fit your face very well.
Our eye iron is designed to fit inside your eye socket or cheek where injuries tend to be most prolific during Boxing, martial arts or MMA style sparring.