Focus Pads Review - Pro Thumpas

Focus Pads Review - Pro Thumpas

Focus Pads Review

If you're looking for a quality Focus Mitt / Boxing Pad, watch a video review above of the Pro Thumpas.

Below is the product video review transcript.

Video Transcript:

Here's a review of our Pro Thumpas. Now the Pro Thumpas is a different pad to our Normal Thumpas that we've talked about separately and I'll explain the difference. The Pro Thumpas was designed for the instructor running mass group classes. So we've got a normal Thumpas which has got no security strap, it's designed for easy on and off, it's thinner, it's designed for the students to be able to change over quickly and it's a commercial-grade pad. So we've discussed that in another review, let's put that to the side now.

Let's talk about the trainer. So the trainers asked for the Pro Thumpas and we made it for them. So this pad obviously is much thicker than a normal Thumpas pad. Why? He's coping a lot more padding than an average student trainer once or twice a week. So we made it thicker, the same padding, but thicker. It has the same hand lace insertion for the padding and then we put a security tab on it. So this allows the trainer to lock in properly. So it locks in properly for an hour - lock and load and off he went.

So this pad was designed for very, very heavy shots. It's probably in this price range of commercial grade pads and this would be by far our most absorbent pad. Commercial grade casing which means it's got a lifetime Punchtex's warranty on the casing. It has a thicker security wrist strap and basically just designed to lock the trainer in so he can walk around the group exercise class, pull people out or you can walk around a fight gym, pull people out and bring in the heavy bangers.

So the Pro Thumpas is a popular choice for instructors and professional trainers alike. They come in the one colour, same as the Thumpas and we screen-printed the word pro on the pad. We also do it on the front so it's easy for trainers to know which pad is which if they get chucked on the ground. The Pro Thumpas are a really popular pad for the last 15 years so highly recommend the Pro Thumpas.