Which Free Standing Boxing Bag is right for you?

Which Free Standing Boxing Bag is right for you?

Free Standing Boxing Bag Guide

In this blog, our team aims to help you find out if a Free Standing Boxing Bag is more suitable for your training needs & if so, which option is perfect for you!

Which Free Standing Bag is right for me?

If you do not have the luxury of installation a boxing bag in your home,
You may be renting, may not have the right structure or even enough space,
A free-standing bag is a fantastic alternative option.
These bags will allow you to train within the comfort of your home,
Without the need to install bulky brackets or ceiling hooks into your home.

Are there different types of Free Standing Bags?

Punch Equipment supply 3 fantastic options, each with various shapes & features for different experiences!

Cobra Reflex Free Standing Boxing Bag

This Free Standing Bag is a fantastic choice for beginner boxers,
It's engineered primarily for striking & defensive boxing drills in the home with it's heavy-duty, lower spring giving users an awesome workout & realistic feedback when struck.
When struck, this bag pendulums back and forth to ensure you focus on your timing, accuracy & footwork!
Its centre pole is height adjustable making it suitable for most ages.
This is a great entry-level, inexpensive boxing bag option for those looking to incorporate boxing into their home workouts!


Urban Free Standing Boxing Bag

This quality Free Standing Boxing bag looks very similar to a traditional hanging boxing bad & is built with a thicker heavy-duty spring to allow movement when struck with punches, kicks, elbows, and knees.
This boxing bags gentle swing will ensure you focus on your striking, guarding, reaction & footwork with every combo!
It's easy to install, easy to store & easy to use!
The Urban free-standing boxing bag a fantastic option for those looking for a thrilling & interactive workout for beginners, boxers, Kickboxers & martial arts alike!Urban Freestanding Bag

AAA Free Standing Boxing Bag

The perfect addition to the home or commercial gym environment,
With its steel internal structure & quality materials, this bag is purposely built for commercial training environments.
All AAA-rated products are equipped with a 2 year, extended commercial manufacturer's faults warranty to ensure you have a product built to last!
With no external plastic, metal, or zippers, this boxing bag can be struck from all angles without the added risk of accidental injury.
If you're looking for a premium, freestanding boxing bag for your home or gym space.
You cannot go past this premium option.

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We hope the above information has helped you find the free-standing boxing bag you have always been looking for!
If you have any questions, please use our online chat system & speak with one of our expert team members!