Free Standing Punching Bag Review

Free Standing Punching Bag Review

Punching Bag Review

In this product review, we'll look at the Free Standing Punching Bag by Punch® Equipment. Above is the video review and you can view the bag in action.

Why buy a Free Standing Bag?

The main aim of a free standing bag is to both save space and provide portability. The bag can be placed around the home, whether it's outside or inside. Put the bag in your garage, veranda, balcony or even in your living room for an instant punching bag workout. Compared to a normal boxing bag setup, the free standing punching bag provides endless possibilities. It's also easy to move around when the water base is empty.

Video Transcript

Today we are reviewing a free standing bag. This bag is designed for mainly domestic use. It has a water-filled ejected moulded base. There's a really nice gentle down action to about 30 degrees of vertical and proximately 170 centimetres tall.

There's a white foam base and is very forgiving to hit. So idealfor youth training
and female training. You can also give it a good whack if you are strong. It comes in two sections all in one box.

I highly recommend this for apartments and balconies where fixing to the ceiling, floor or where noise and vibrations are a problem. So ideal for home training and very light. It is important that you don't drag the bag. The bolts are fastened in and it weights 60 kilos with a full water base. So only move it once the water base is empty. Highly recommend this Free Standing Punching Bag.