How to fit a full face boxing headgear

How to fit a full face boxing headgear

Full Face Headgear fitting review - Updated 2020!

In this post, we are going to show you how to fit a full-face headgear from Punch® Equipment.
The product we will be utilizing is the Trophy Getters® Full Face Head Gear.

Step 1. Get help from a friend/training partner or family member.

Like wearing a mouth guard for any sport, the perfect fit is key to your health, comfort & longevity.
The same is carried to headgear in boxing!

Firstly, you are going to need another person to assist & review the headgear fitting process to ensure it fits 'like a glove'.
We recommend sitting the boxer down & having the friend assist from above like a hairdresser would stand so they can adjust & tighten the top lacing to suit.
Once seated, push the headgear as closely as you can against your face, watching out for your eyes, chin & ears.
Your partner should be observing this to ensure nothing slips or moves in the wrong direction.

Step 2. Adjust for your head shape/size.

The partner should then tie up the top lacing firmly & securely.
Once this is completed,
You shouldn't need to touch the lacing unless it comes undone down the track.
The lacing should be considered as the mould which sits firmly around the top of the head,
While your hook & loop straps are for placing on & off during training or sparring.

Once the headgear is fitted, lacing is tight & hook & loop straps are fitted.
Use your friend or a mirror to review the fit & check that the headgear is:
A. sitting correctly against the chin & forehead
B. Ears are sitting in the eardrum padding
C. Headgear doesn't move around while moving the head side to side or up & down. etc.

In summary:

  • Ensure the boxer is seated & a friend is observing from above.
  • Get the boxer to firmly place the headgear against the front of their head.
  • Tie off the lacing firmly with a secure knot.
  • Check headgear fit after securing the hook & loop straps.

We recommend a tighter size

Our expert team recommending purchasing a headgear that is tight.
After a few weeks of training & sweating into your headgear, the padding & casing will mould into your head shape/size.
Giving you a perfect fit for years to come.

Sizing recommendations

Extra Large - Large adult head fit
Large - Preferred by most Adults
Medium - Teenager & Adults
Small - Child